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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds perched on anything

The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is birds perched on anything.

Well our feeding station at the caravan seems to be a favourite for the birds to perch on these day, I remember when we used to get no visitors.

Starling on the feeding station
Blue tit on the feeding station
Wood Pigeon on the feeding station
Robin on the feeding station
House sparrow on the feeding station

The collared dove much prefers the TV aerial on the opposite caravan but has become slightly more adventurous.

Moved from the aerial to the railings of the veranda.

But then a little more adventurous in the places to perch as now they are trying their best to build themselves a nest on top of the light on the caravan veranda.

Robin perched in the tree.

Handy little perching place on the lake.

This seems to be a popular perching spot, what do you think?

Another popular perching place.

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CMMC -March Pick a topic

This week on Cee’s midweek madness challenge our inspiration is taken from the photograph that is posted on Cee’s blog. Some of her suggestions for this month are city, landscape, downtown, clouds, blue, sky, street light, red, green, street sign, road, railroad, tree, etc. Below are just some of my photographs inspired by Cees photograph.

Tree & green – Allerton Oak
Tree & green – Lake windermere
Tree & green – Christmas decoration
Street lights – Along Southport promenade
Tree & Red – Robin red breast sitting in a tree
Street sign – Speed limit sign seen on my way to work
Street sign – School crossing sign seen on my way to work
Rail road – railway tracks taken from a local train station
Red – Charlies favourite red ball
Red & Green – My alstroemeria at the caravan
Red – my red wedding shoes to match the bridesmaids dresses
Red, sky, street & street sign – Sun rise seen on my way to work while walking along the street
Landscape, sky & clouds – RSPB Hesketh out Marsh
Sky, blue, clouds & landscape – Clock face country park
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December scavenger hunt – week 3

Kate wouldn’t normally do a December scavenger hunt but with this year being an unusual year is actually doing something slightly different. Each week will have a different theme and this weeks theme is tree.

For this week I am going to post photographs of some of the Christmas trees that I have seen some I would say I like more than others.

Of course, this last one had to be included you may remember the unfinished tree from week 1.

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December scavenger hunt – week 1

Kate wouldn’t normally do a December scavenger hunt but with this year being an unusual year is actually doing something slightly different. Each week will have a different theme and this weeks theme is decorations.

For this week I am going to post 2 photographs of decorations that I have made.

The first is a crochet snowflake, last year I made approximately 50 of these to go into Christmas cards for children with life limiting illnesses.

This is this year’s handmade decoration but this year it is going on our own tree when it goes up this weekend.

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November photo a day –

For theme for City Sonnets November photo a day for today is bare branches

This photograph I have taken this morning on my way to work. I love the fact that although this tree had been cut down for some reason it has not let that hold it back and has now got a new growth from the stump of the tree trunk. Although it is nearly bare now with it being autumn it normally has an extremely full set of branches.

Along with that there were the bare branches of the tree just inside the local primary school.

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Scavenger Photo Hunt – July 2020

I can’t believe that we are at the end July already and it’s time for this month’s photographs for Kates I Live, I Love, I craft photo scavenger hunt.

The words for July are below, here is what we have found:

  • Something Purple
  • Shades of green
  • Starts with … F
  • Still life
  • Snapped at this moment
  • My own Choice

Something Purple

My something purple photograph is of my shawl that I have made ready for chilly evenings on our next camping trip, although it looks like we may not get the opportunity to get the tent out this year.

Shades of green

My shades of the green photograph was taken at Mere Sands Woods which was looking over the lake. Loved looking at all of the greenery with the sun shining down on it.

Starts with … F

My picture for starts with F is fungi. Whenever we go somewhere I love to take photographs of fungi.

Still life

My still life is a photograph of our little wooden statue surrounded by plants.

Snapped at this moment

My snapped at this moment photograph was taken as I am finishing off my post while sat in on the veranda of the caravan.

Own Choice

My own choice picture is more than one picture this week but they are all the same thing. This is one of my favourite recent photographs as it was probably one of the first times we managed to get out. During lockdown. It is of the Allerton oak that is in Calderstones Park in Liverpool (more info can be found in my blog from the visit, click here to read)

I hope that you have enjoyed my photographs this month and I can’t wait for next months words.

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Walk around Mere Sands Wood

My walk for Jo’s Monday walk was actually done yesterday (Sunday) as I am not sure what the plan for today is yet. Although I think I have already done this as a Monday walk before it is one of my favourite places for a quiet walk.

As lockdown due to COVID 19 is continuing to be relaxed in England more places are starting to open and this weekend was the first time since lockdown that the wildlife trust has opened the car park at Mere Sands Woods so we thought we would take the opportunity for a short walk with Charlie dog around it.

I love taking pictures as we walk around although yesterday I only had the camera on my phone it was still plenty of fun though.

We got to see the ducks on the lake which all looked fabulous in the sunshine.

As we came away from the lake I noticed they had a sculpture in the tree of a woodpecker (I love that they do this with the trees that need to be cut down) they always have little reindeer hiding in the undergrowth as well. So these two little wooden sculptures are were inspired by mind over memories sculpture Saturday although this challenge has now finished.

It is such a peaceful walk looking at all of nature that we can see on our way round both plants and animals.

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Yesterdays walk in the park – The Allerton Oak

Yesterday once I had left work Mr H and Charlie dog collected me and we went to a park so that Charlie could have a walk.

We love our little trips to Calderstones park in Allerton, normally after our gentle stroll in the park we would go and relax outside the mansion house with is now the cafe and have some refreshments. On yesterdays visit the cafe was still closed as they are still in lockdown. With lockdown still not lifted yet here in the UK the park was quite busy with families enjoy some precious time together and a little bit of sun so we altered our normal walk around the park for a slightly quieter route so that Charlie could have a little run. Our quieter route took us past the Allerton Oak.

The Allerton oak is a Sessile oak that is believed to be 1,000 years old. Legend says that the trees spreading branches sheltered the medievil hundred court. The trunk has a split down the middle of it and it is largely hollow, there are many legends about how this was caused but nobody is sure of the actual reason. The branches at the sides where the oak has spread are actually being held up by metal crutches and have been since 1907 but these are at a point where they will soon need to be replaced and the tree itself has a fence around it to protect it. It has won tree of the year twice once in 2014 and then again in 2019 and was entered into the European tree of the year in 2020 were it came 7th out of 16 trees with 16,449 votes. Any money raised from these competitions and donations from people help to maintain the tree.

In a moment of quiet while we stood just looking at the tree and taking some photographs the little grey squirrel just sat on one of the branches that are being held up with no worries looking out to see what was happening.

So hopefully you will think that same as me in that the tree in some ways in a little unusual if not only by the way that it looks for City Sonnets photo a day challenge and for the Friday friendly challenge but it was also a quiet moment within a rather busy park for the Lens Artists photo challenge.