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Are you Square? – A bright light

This month Becky’s theme is bright and with lockdown regulations in the UK being relaxed ever so slightly on Monday maybe this picture is ever so fitting in that we are starting to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. I love this photograph taken on a walk down the Liverpool loopline, an old railway line that has now been converted into a multi-use path for cyclists and walkers alike.

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CFFC – Rusty or Decayed

Cees fun foto challenge this week is rusty or decayed and how could I resist posting this photograph that I took while we were in the first lockdown while we were on a walk on the old railway line of this old bike. It makes you wonder just how long it has been there and where did it come from.

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Scavenger Photo Hunt – November 2020

I can’t believe that we are at the end November already the months just seem to keep on flying by, maybe it’s due to everything seeming to be the same every day (get up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep and then repeat all over again). But on the brighter side that means it’s time for this month’s photographs for Kates I Live, I Love, I craft photo scavenger hunt. This one has been fun as some of the photographs are from the archives so I have been able to remember some fun times which has been great during this time of uncertainty.

The words for November are below, here is what we have found:

  • Houseplant/s
  • Rings
  • Harbour
  • Window
  • Sky
  • My own Choice


My photograph for house plants is a picture of the shoots from the lemon seeds that I potted during our first lockdown, some are still growing strong and have gone into bigger pots some sadly did not survive. It has been nice to see the growth from a seed to a small plant, I only wish that I had taken a picture every day to chart their growth (maybe next time I plant something that is what I will do)


The photograph I have chosen for rings is mine and Mr Hs wedding rings already in their box on our special day.


My picture for harbour is definitely a throwback picture that brings back lots of lovely memories of mine and Mr Hs first holiday together to the Isle of Man. The picture is Douglas harbour and was taken one evening after a lovely dinner before going back to our hotel.


This picture was actually taken this week through my window in work I just couldn’t resist taking it as the colour of the sky was fabulous.


Although my picture above could have also have been my sky picture I seem to have become obsessed with taking pictures of the sky recently. The colours at the moment seem to be fabulous and I have to say I am not sure if these colours are normal for the times of the year as I have never seemed to notice them being quite so vivid. Maybe in these unusual times, I am just being a little more observant.

Own Choice

My own choice picture is the view through an old railway tunnel. This was taken on a very recent walk we went on along an old railway line close to our house that has now been made into a cycle and walking path. I couldn’t resist this if not just to say that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photographs this month and I can’t wait for next set of words.

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Cee’s fun foto challenge this week is trains, here is my selection of photographs for this week.

The selection below was from a recent train journey.

This selection is not so much a train but an old train track now made into a walking and cycle path but you can still see the old tunnels for the trains and imagine the trains travel down the track.

This next selection were taken on last years camping trip in Kirkby Stephen at an old railway station run by volunteers and I couldn’t resist the photograph of the station cat sitting in the bench at the station.

The next selection of photographs were taken at the National railway museum in York while on a short break there.

This next one isn’t a real train but I really couldn’t leave it out. I cross-stitched this for a child on love quilts UK.

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A Square perspective – day 29

It’s been a while since I posted in The life of B’s quarterly challenge of which this month it is all about perspective. I have decided to make an effort for the last few days so here is my post for day 29.

This one was taken a few weeks ago while we were on lockdown. This was a walk with Charlie dog along a local disused railway line that is now a walking and cycle route. The Liverpool loopline as a railway line was abandoned in 1967 and was derelict until 1988 when work was started on the conversation. It forms part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

It is such a fabulous view through the bridge looking into the distance and all the while imagining a train traveling along it.

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Rusty bike

Cees black and white challenge for this week asks us to post pictures of items that are decayed or rusty. Below is my attempt at this challenge.

While I was out on my hours walk at the weekend with Mr H and Charlie dog along the disused railway line I spotted an item that was just ideal for this weeks challenge I really couldn’t believe my eyes as we walked past. I turned back just to get a picture as there it was an old bike broken but still visibly a bike but covered in rust.

First a couple of black and white pictures for the challenge.

Now the colour versions of the pictures of the bike.

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Weekend Challenge – walkabout

This weekend Sue W has challenged us to blog about our daily exercise walks. So here is mine for this long weekend.

This weekend we decided that we would go for a walk along a local disused railway line that has now been converted in a cycle/walk path. Although it has been like this for many many years I had only ever used a small section of it to get to a local supermarket. With the need for some daily exercise after spending days working from home Mr H, Charlie dog and me decided that we would explore it a little further.

We enjoyed following the path the railway line used to be on Mr H enjoyed looking at the geology of the bedrock and sandstone it was fabulous to see the marks in the stones from when the siding was originally cut and the construction of the tunnels.

We saw lots of wild garlic along the side of the path with some bluebells.

We certainly can’t wait for our next adventure along the old railway line, hopefully we will eventually walk it all.