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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds in your yard or Garden

This weeks bird weekly photo challenge topic is birds found in your yard or garden.

My pictures where all taken in the garden area surrounding our caravan. I love looking out of the window to see the birds. This year there seem to be so many more than normal or maybe I am just noticing them more.

I have been trying to get a photograph of a ring-necked dove but everytime I get the camera ready it flies away.

Blue tit
Black bird
Ducks (various)
Song thrush
Hawk (sparrow hawk)

This one we have only seen once but from what we were told there was a family nesting at an extremely local farm.

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Some pairs

The Friday fun challenge this week from aroused has asked us to look for pairs. Let’s see just how many pairs I have found just looking back over photographs I have already used in blogs before today. I seem to like pairs.

A pair of… seagull chicks

A pair of… flowers

A pair of… ducks

A pair of… goldfinches

A pair of… swans

A pair of… cards

A pair of… fungi

A pair of… shoes

A pair of… hearts

A pair of… Donkeys

A pair of… Black-necked Swans

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The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild – Day 6

It’s day of 30 days wild today and being the weekend we have been able to do a little bit more.

We have been out looking at the birds this morning and putting some seed out for them. We saw some goldfinches having their breakfast. I managed to get a photograph of before a dog walker walking past scared them and they flew away.

Next I potted up my new alstroemeria into it’s new garden pot. I have waited so long to get one of these plants.

While potting up the plant I heard a noise from around the corner where I saw what I think was a song thrush.

Just after I finished this 2 ducks decided to come and visit so put some seed out for them and just sat and watched them for a little while.

By the time we had gotten to the evening the winds had eased a little as so Mr H and I managed to take Charlie dog for a walk in Botanic park in Churchtown.

While on our walk we noticed on the lake that the eggs that the swan had been nesting on the week before had hatched and there were 4 little cygnets.