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CFFC – Rusty or Decayed

Cees fun foto challenge this week is rusty or decayed and how could I resist posting this photograph that I took while we were in the first lockdown while we were on a walk on the old railway line of this old bike. It makes you wonder just how long it has been there and where did it come from.

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Some dry and wilting leaves

For Cee’s fun foto challenge this week it is a special request for photographs of dry, wilting flowers and leaves. Here is my entry.

These are some dried out leaves that I spotted while on a walk around Mere Sands Woods

This one is my plant on the caravan veranda, the weather was so warm that when we got back from the shops it had all wilted but after some water it soon perked itself up and looked so much better.

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Cee’s fun foto challenge this week is trains, here is my selection of photographs for this week.

The selection below was from a recent train journey.

This selection is not so much a train but an old train track now made into a walking and cycle path but you can still see the old tunnels for the trains and imagine the trains travel down the track.

This next selection were taken on last years camping trip in Kirkby Stephen at an old railway station run by volunteers and I couldn’t resist the photograph of the station cat sitting in the bench at the station.

The next selection of photographs were taken at the National railway museum in York while on a short break there.

This next one isn’t a real train but I really couldn’t leave it out. I cross-stitched this for a child on love quilts UK.

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One single flower – Sunflower

Following on from yesterday while I was looking back at some of my other pictures while looking for single flowers I found this I have to say this is one of my favourite pictures I love it as this single flower I actually managed to grow myself last year. So this will be second post for Cee’s fun photography as a single flower. It will also be my first attempt at homegrown harvest’s grow your own which this week is sunflowers and for Travel words 2020 photo challenge this week which is all about shallow depth of field using macros.

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One single flower – A Common Poppy

This week Cee is the guest contributor on the lens artist challenge and she has asked use to post pictures of one single flower, as well as the lens artist challenge it is also for Cee’s fun foto challenge.

Last week Mr H, Charlie dog and I went on one if our favourite walks to RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh now it has reopened.

As we walked along there was this one single poppy in bloom. Not sure if it’s seed had been dropped there by a bird. It looked so fabulous if not a little lonely.

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Memories Of Threlkeld

My blog today is a blast from the past as work has been so busy this week to be able to do very much. It has been inspired by a few challenges, so I would like to thank City Sonnet’s for the photo a day and color and letter challenges which for today is old fashioned and the letter W, Cee’s photography for her fun foto challenge for this week which is red and Little pieces of me for this months go on an adventure challenge which is animals.

So today I have been looking back at some photographs from our honeymoon to the Lake District. Mr H and I love the Lake District so what better a place to spend a few days after our wedding. It was ideal as Charlie dog was able to come with us. We visited a hotel that we had been to before in Grasmere where we didn’t actually stay in the hotel but in one of three mews just to the side of the hotel so we were a little bit more independent for Charlie. The day before we were to return home Mr H’s car that was parked in the hotel car park was backed into by an employee and damaged so we had to spend an extra night there while waiting for a courtesy car.

On the day we were leaving to go home we thought that we would also try to visit done new places on our way so that we could make the most of the day. One place we visited was Threlkeld Quarry and mining museum.

This was such a fabulous place as the dog was also allowed to walk around the museum and grounds with us.

It was fabulous to see all of the old fashioned machinery used when it was a working mine and quarry.

I definitely had to get a close-up picture of the great big red wheel. It was probably taller than me.

While we stopped at one of the picnic tables to grab a quick drink and just take in the views we saw this cow in the field and I just had to get a picture.