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Bright rectangles and squares

This week as there is a fifth Wednesday for Cee’s midweek madness challenge a guest host gets to choose the topic so this week Becky from “The life of B” has picked the topic and it is bright rectangles so here are just some of the photographs I have found to represent these. Also as we are now in April this is also going to be my first bright square.

So my photograph today was taken after a quick trip to the caravan to make sure everything was alright before being able to stay and bringing the bedding home to be washed. I just couldn’t resist this rectangular sun puddle on the floor, I am surprised I found it before Charlie dog did.

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CMMC -March colour – All things orange

The colour for March on Cee’s midweek madness challenge is orange so here are just some of the photographs I have found.

Orange hay bales ready for Halloween
Burnt orange of our car on a rainy afternoon at the caravan
Splashes of orange on the butterfly sitting in the sun
Orange sunrise at the caravan
Orange cross stitch Nemo for Love quilts UK
Orange stone in the Liverpool Mountain sculpture at Royal Albert Dock Liverpool
Handmade orange earwarmers/headband to send to my post pal at Christmas

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Outside my window

The topic for Cees black and white photo challenge this week is outside your home or view.

The view from outside of my window on this Sunday morning while trying my best to relax in preparation for what is going to be an extremely busy and stressful week in work.

I am quite enjoying watching the very high branches of the tall tree behind the neighbouring caravan just gently moving and the birds at the very tip of those very high branches fluttering from one branch to another with what seems like not a care in the world (if you can see what looks like a blob at the very top these are the birds, I can only see one, maybe two, in this picture as a good few flew away when some geese passed overhead). It really is so peaceful.

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Scavenger Photo Hunt – September 2020

I can’t believe that we are at the end September already and it’s time for this month’s photographs for Kates I Live, I Love, I craft photo scavenger hunt.

The words for September are below, here is what I have found:

  • Seasonal
  • Favourite seat/place to sit
  • Comforting/cosy
  • Delight/ed/ful
  • Micro/mini/teeny tiny
  • My own Choice


My photograph for seasonal is from a recent shopping trip of the Halloween items in a shop. I only wish now I had got both sides of the aisle as it was Halloween on one side and Christmas on the other.

Favourite seat/place to sit

My photograph for my favourite seat is the sear that I usually sit on in the caravan. It is nothing special but is my favourite place to sit and craft.


My photograph for comforting/cosy I have actually posted before and it is the shawl that I have just made ready to keep me cosy on these autumnal evenings.


My photograph for delighted comes from this week and is the delight of starting my Christmas presents. Chocolate for my great Aunt and have nearly finished the scarf fir my sister in law.

Micro/mini/teeny tiny

My photograph for this is my teeny tiny baby hats made for the local hospital for babies that are stillborn. These are to go with the other baby hats that I have been making. Even now after making them for so long, you forget just how tiny these have to be.

Own Choice

My own choice for this month has also come from this weekend as we celebrated my Nans 90th birthday.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photographs this month and I can’t wait for next months words.

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Weekly prompts topic for the weekend challenge is face.

My face … the only time that I have taken a selfie and probably one of very few photographs you will see of me.

Charlie’s scruffy little face as he needs to have a hair cut, it’s a good job we love him.

The little face on my little amigurumi rabbit.

Cute little face of a therapy dog that I met at a recent family wedding, I so wanted to bring that cute face home with me!

The cat that lives in the caravan opposite ours, such a cutie.

I love the face on the shih tzu statue that we have at the caravan.

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Last photograph on the card

As it is the end of the August Bushboys asks us to look at the last photograph on our SD cards.

So today here is the last photograph that I took on my SD card in my camera. This is the bluetit sitting on the top of the feeding station before going to get some seed.

This one is the last photograph taken on my phone. This one was Charlie at the caravan collecting his toy (that needs a good wash now) from the doorway.

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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – yellow or orange legged birds

In this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is photographs of birds with yellow or orange legs. Just a couple of photographs for this week.

Lesser white fronted goose

This photograph was taken on our last visit to Martin Mere Wetlands Trust.


This was taken on the lawn of our caravan, it just love taking their pictures when they visit looking for food.

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Some dry and wilting leaves

For Cee’s fun foto challenge this week it is a special request for photographs of dry, wilting flowers and leaves. Here is my entry.

These are some dried out leaves that I spotted while on a walk around Mere Sands Woods

This one is my plant on the caravan veranda, the weather was so warm that when we got back from the shops it had all wilted but after some water it soon perked itself up and looked so much better.