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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds from the last 2 weeks

The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is birds that I have seen during the last two weeks. I have tried my best to snap as many photographs of the birds I have seen during the past 2 weeks. Some have eluded me but I hope you enjoy the ones that I managed to get.

Canada goose
wood pigeon
Collared Dove
More ducks
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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds with white feathers

Although I am slightly late for this weeks it is nice to get back to searching my photographs for pictures of birds, at the moment they still seem to be one of my favourite things to photograph even with a fear for them flying close to me. The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is birds with white feathers.


This has to be one of my favourite birds with white feathers, to me they are so graceful.

Trumpeter Swan
Mute Swan
Black necked swans


This is probably one of the most common birds that I see were I live so it would be so wrong of me to not put at least one seagull picture in this blog. This one is one of the regular visitors to where I work (A school, so lots of possibilities of food dropped on the floor by the kids) they certainly like to get up close and personal.

The following images are those birds with flashes of white feathers somewhere on their body as opposed to being all white.

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Birds on a feeder

This blog is for bird weekly photo challenge for our eyes open which we need photographs of birds on a feeder and today’s photo a day for city sonnets which is birds.

The photograph below was taken on a walk around Mere Sands Woods and we saw this little robin on top of the feeder, I just had to keep my fingers crossed it didn’t fly off before took the photograph.

This picture was taken at one of the hides at Martin Mere.

The photograph below is one of some birds on a feeder at the caravan.

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Lens artist challenge #85 – treasure hunt

This weeks Lens Artist challenge is a treasure hunt. Although I haven’t found something for each category I hope you enjoy the pictures do have.


Taken on my walk up to work a couple of weeks ago.

Something hot/Something cold

Mr Hs and my drink this weekend at one of our favourite coffee shops.

A dog

I love Charlie dog in this picture with the sun on his back on the veranda of the caravan with his favourite red ball.

A bird

I love this photograph of a moorhen and her chicks on the grass next to our caravan.

A funny sign

I love this sign Mr H and I saw this when we where waking Charlie dog along the canal.

A church

A plane

Taken from our caravan of one of the planes heading towards the Southport Air show 2019.


My recently finished piece of cross stitch before it gets posted to join the other 11 squares to make a quilt for a child who is unwell.