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Dutch goes the photo is asking us to look for numbers this week in the Tuesday photo challenge.

The picture below shows the number on the table when we went out for dinner.

Then there is the date on the glass.

The name of a new coffee shop that we have started to go to.

Road signs showing the miles per hour on the roads.

Numbers really are everywhere without you even noticing.

General posts · Tuesday Photo Challenge


Here are some cats for Dutch goes the photo’s Tuesday photo challenge which this week is cats.

The first one is a cat by our caravan.

The second is a cross-stitched one I made as a gift.

The third one is our old cat who has been gone for quite a while.

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Day out on the train

So today we have been out for a joint stag and hen party for Mr Hs cousin and this meant that we needed to go on the train. It seems so ideal this week as a lot of the photo challenges this week revolve around transport so today’s blog actually cover various challenges. They are Duch goes the photos Tuesday photo fpj challenge which is transport, City Sonnets photo a day which is black and white and lastly the Lens-artist challenge #80 which is leading lines. It was also going to be for Cee’s black and white challenge for this week but this has been delayed so will look for something different for that.

General posts · Tuesday Photo Challenge

Winter glow

My blog for today is a photograph taken by chance after seeing the Tuesday photo challenge from Dutch goes the photo which for this week is glow.

Walking to work on this it dark, chilly morning (leaving house at 6.50 am to get to work for 7.00 am) little did I realise that once the sun came up it would be so bright that we would have to put the blinds down. The picture shows the glow of the sun even through the blind.