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Walk around Mere Sands Wood

My walk for Jo’s Monday walk was actually done yesterday (Sunday) as I am not sure what the plan for today is yet. Although I think I have already done this as a Monday walk before it is one of my favourite places for a quiet walk.

As lockdown due to COVID 19 is continuing to be relaxed in England more places are starting to open and this weekend was the first time since lockdown that the wildlife trust has opened the car park at Mere Sands Woods so we thought we would take the opportunity for a short walk with Charlie dog around it.

I love taking pictures as we walk around although yesterday I only had the camera on my phone it was still plenty of fun though.

We got to see the ducks on the lake which all looked fabulous in the sunshine.

As we came away from the lake I noticed they had a sculpture in the tree of a woodpecker (I love that they do this with the trees that need to be cut down) they always have little reindeer hiding in the undergrowth as well. So these two little wooden sculptures are were inspired by mind over memories sculpture Saturday although this challenge has now finished.

It is such a peaceful walk looking at all of nature that we can see on our way round both plants and animals.

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Nancy Merrill this week is asking us to post photographs of squirrels so here are some of the pictures I have managed to get.

This one was taken at one of our favourite parks to go with Charlie dog in Liverpool.

This one was taken was actually taken on my way o work one morning you can just see the squirrel about to run up the tree.

The next set of photographs were taken at Formby pine woods, we love visiting here as Charlie gets to walk through the woods and also on the beach. This is one of a few places that you are still able to see red squirrels. The first is a statue of a squirrel for sculpture Saturday from Mind over memory at the woods and then the rest are of some red squirrels.

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Catch up

It’s been a week since I last posted a blog I have been off work as it is the school holidays. So I have been on a few trips out as well as catching up on my sewing, crochet and I have even managed to get some colouring in done as well. So before I start today’s adventures let me you what I have done so far.


On Friday Mr. H was still in work so I took a trip into Liverpool while I was waiting for him to get home. I had a little look around the shops and then I realised that had been so long since I had actually been shopping in Liverpool that everything had completely changed. Although it was raining I took a walk up to the Royal Albert Dock to get myself some fudge (which is definitely one of my favourites) from Roly’s fudge pantry as a holiday treat. While I was there I bought some postcards to send off to some of the post pals that I write to and I took a picture of the new sculpture that has been installed at the dock.

Liverpool Mountain Sculpture

Although slightly late for Saturday Sculptures I am still going to include this. This is the Liverpool Mountain by Ugo Rondinone, this is the artists first installation in the UK but is similar to one’s in Miami and Los Vegas. It is 33 ft high and the design is said to be based on a hoodoo which is a naturally occurring tall thin spire of rock created by erosion.

Then once Mr H was home we packed up the car and headed off to the caravan.


Saturday also started extremely rainy so most of the day was spent at the caravan catching up on my various crafts. I think you may be able to see from the picture of the empty plot next door that it was quite wet.

I had to finish a gift that needed to be posted early in the week, a gift for a work colleague and I also had some squares to finish stitching for Love quilts UK. I will post pictures of my stitching a bit later in the blog.

Then we took a little trip out for lunch as we hadn’t really been food shopping since we arrived. Then when we got I even managed to do a little bit of colouring as it was getting a little too dark to carry on with my stitching and enjoyed a nice Saturday evening watching Strictly come dancing.


Sunday we took Charlie to Botanic park in Churchtown as it was dry and with all the rain on the Saturday he had hardly been out. This is just one of Charlie’s favourite parks when we are in Southport as he can look at the birds in the aviary on this visit we had one of the parrot’s wolf-whistling and saying hello to us as we passed. After looking at the birds we went for a walk around the lake and looked at the plants and statues for sale at the shop.


Monday we had an early start into town for breakfast at Pippins with Mr H. I needed to pick up some bits and bobs and then we had to go for a suit for Mr H as he is to be best man at his cousin’s wedding. We couldn’t get the colour that we needed but we did manage to try one on in another colour to check the sizing and then came home and ordered it from the website for us to go collect on Thursday.


This brings me up to date as I can go so far. Tuesday started out with me having to run into town to take my parcel to the post office for my crafty campers secret Halloween elfster parcel.

Cat with skulls

Once I had run to the post office we took Charlie to Lunt Meadow Nature Reserve. This was our first visit there and I forgot to take my walking boots and with all of the rain that we have had the ground was extremely muddy so we didn’t take Charlie too far as his little feet were getting very dirty. But we did get some pictures before we left (I will do a better blog about this when we go next).

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Sculpture on the seat

Today’s blog is looking back at some of the adventures Mr H, Charlie dog and I have had and it also fits in with some photography challenges which caused me to reminisce over some old photographs. So I would like to thank Citysonnet for the October photo a day challenge, also Chasing a memory for the Saturday sculpture challenge and lastly Kate from Xingfumama for her Pull up a seat challenge.

One of our favourite walks with Charlie dog is at Formby pine woods. We love the fact that there is so much variety there from the pine woods with the red to squirrels to the sand dunes and the beach but along with that are flat spaces of grass for Charlie to run on.

There are some specific walks that you can follow you are there one, in particular, is the asparagus trail as a lot of the land was used to grow asparagus one and some land is still used for that today. There is one nice big open space that has woodland to one side and the dunes to the other where there is a section of fallen tree trunk. The tree trunk has been cut so that it can be used as a seat but along with making it into a seat the have also carved the shape of a horse pulling a cart so that it looks like they it is walking along the trunk and possibly a farmer harvesting the asparagus.

There are a few sculptures here so maybe some more will feature in my future blogs.

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Trip to Liverpool Cathedral.

This is my first entry for Norm’s Thursday Doors and also Mind over memory Saturday Sculpture I am reminiscing about a trip that happened at the start of this year. Although I am a day late for one they had to be together as they were on the same trip.

This photograph was taken at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on January 2019. We had just put Mr H’s car into the garage for its yearly service and while we were waiting we thought we would spend the day being tourists in our own city. We love doing this as there are so many things that you don’t visit or forget about when you are in your own city.

As we were not too far from the cathedral we thought that we would go and visit as the knife angel sculpture was outside the cathedral. This was a stunning sculpture made up of confiscated knives in order to highlight knife crime.

Below are some pictures of the knife Angel and they certainly don’t do her justice as to how overwhelming she was in person.