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Labour of love

This weeks lens-artist challenge comes from a guest blogger who has given us the topic of labours of love as it was labor day.

Labour of love: (Noun) work done for the sake of ones own enjoyment or of benefit to others rather than for material rewards.

Knitting baby hats for local hospital.

Cross stitching squares to be made into blankets for children with life limiting illness to comfort them especially during hospital visits. I do this for Live quilts UK.

just a small selection

Writing cards and letters to children with life-limiting illness just to bring a smile to their face when needed. Pictures below were from last Christmas when I wrote reindeer letters to a child and then. Wrote a Christmas card to every family and included a handmade Christmas snowflake decoration. I do this for post pals.

letters from Santas reindeers
making snowflakes to go with the cards
getting ready to write all the Christmas cards
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Lens Artist #112 pick a word

For the Lens artist challenge this week Ann-Christine at Leya is asking us to pick a word (or more than one) from the following and illustrate it:

  • Comfortable
  • Growing
  • Tangled
  • Crowded
  • Exuberant



This one is a photograph of my little lemon seedlings. I decided that I would plant the seeds from Mr H’s lemon a few weeks ago that he had removed from the lemon to have some lemon flavoured water.


My black embroidery floss is just a little bit tangled, hopefully, it won’t take long to untangle.


For crowded I have gone back to a photograph from August 2013, this was taken at Sefton Park in Liverpool during the Liverpool music festival for that year. This was a free concert in the park by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, with lots of well known classical music from films,etc. It was a fabulous event with people sitting on picnic blankets or foldable chairs and having picnics while listening to the music and ended with a fabulous fire work display.


This photograph is Charlie dog again having a fabulous time chasing his mini tennis ball.

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Covid creativity

Lens artist this week whats to see the creative things we have done during this time of COVID. While taking breaks from working from home I have mainly been crafting with a little bit of baking. Here are some of the things I have been doing.

There were a few cross stitch projects some that had already been started before COVID and completed during that time. Some that were both started and finished during COVID and some still a work a progress.

Just a little bit of baking during lockdown, some cake and shortbread.

Just a little bit of crochet to go on my backpack for our walking trips out so we can tell the difference between our bags as Mr H and I have the same colour backpacks.

Lastly some knitting of some baby hats for a local hospitals maternity unit.

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Yesterdays walk in the park – The Allerton Oak

Yesterday once I had left work Mr H and Charlie dog collected me and we went to a park so that Charlie could have a walk.

We love our little trips to Calderstones park in Allerton, normally after our gentle stroll in the park we would go and relax outside the mansion house with is now the cafe and have some refreshments. On yesterdays visit the cafe was still closed as they are still in lockdown. With lockdown still not lifted yet here in the UK the park was quite busy with families enjoy some precious time together and a little bit of sun so we altered our normal walk around the park for a slightly quieter route so that Charlie could have a little run. Our quieter route took us past the Allerton Oak.

The Allerton oak is a Sessile oak that is believed to be 1,000 years old. Legend says that the trees spreading branches sheltered the medievil hundred court. The trunk has a split down the middle of it and it is largely hollow, there are many legends about how this was caused but nobody is sure of the actual reason. The branches at the sides where the oak has spread are actually being held up by metal crutches and have been since 1907 but these are at a point where they will soon need to be replaced and the tree itself has a fence around it to protect it. It has won tree of the year twice once in 2014 and then again in 2019 and was entered into the European tree of the year in 2020 were it came 7th out of 16 trees with 16,449 votes. Any money raised from these competitions and donations from people help to maintain the tree.

In a moment of quiet while we stood just looking at the tree and taking some photographs the little grey squirrel just sat on one of the branches that are being held up with no worries looking out to see what was happening.

So hopefully you will think that same as me in that the tree in some ways in a little unusual if not only by the way that it looks for City Sonnets photo a day challenge and for the Friday friendly challenge but it was also a quiet moment within a rather busy park for the Lens Artists photo challenge.

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One single flower – A Common Poppy

This week Cee is the guest contributor on the lens artist challenge and she has asked use to post pictures of one single flower, as well as the lens artist challenge it is also for Cee’s fun foto challenge.

Last week Mr H, Charlie dog and I went on one if our favourite walks to RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh now it has reopened.

As we walked along there was this one single poppy in bloom. Not sure if it’s seed had been dropped there by a bird. It looked so fabulous if not a little lonely.

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Lens artist challenge #85 – treasure hunt

This weeks Lens Artist challenge is a treasure hunt. Although I haven’t found something for each category I hope you enjoy the pictures do have.


Taken on my walk up to work a couple of weeks ago.

Something hot/Something cold

Mr Hs and my drink this weekend at one of our favourite coffee shops.

A dog

I love Charlie dog in this picture with the sun on his back on the veranda of the caravan with his favourite red ball.

A bird

I love this photograph of a moorhen and her chicks on the grass next to our caravan.

A funny sign

I love this sign Mr H and I saw this when we where waking Charlie dog along the canal.

A church

A plane

Taken from our caravan of one of the planes heading towards the Southport Air show 2019.


My recently finished piece of cross stitch before it gets posted to join the other 11 squares to make a quilt for a child who is unwell.

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Lens Artist Challenge #81 – Find something red

For this weeks Lens Artist Challenge we have been asked to find something red. Below is a selection of my photographs containing items that are red. I always enjoy looking back at old photographs as they bring so many memories.

Charlie dog’s red harness
Nutcracker’s jacket
red flowers and ribbon on my wedding bouquet
Red shoes
Red ribbon on wedding cake
Red rock on the statue
Red door
red train carriages at railway museum
Red butterfly
Red ball
Red dance dress and shirt

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Day out on the train

So today we have been out for a joint stag and hen party for Mr Hs cousin and this meant that we needed to go on the train. It seems so ideal this week as a lot of the photo challenges this week revolve around transport so today’s blog actually cover various challenges. They are Duch goes the photos Tuesday photo fpj challenge which is transport, City Sonnets photo a day which is black and white and lastly the Lens-artist challenge #80 which is leading lines. It was also going to be for Cee’s black and white challenge for this week but this has been delayed so will look for something different for that.

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Goodbye 2019…

As the end of 2019 draws ever closer it is time to look back on the year we have just had and in particular the 5 and a little months that I have been blogging. I am mainly going to do this through photographs for the Lens Artist Challenge #77 which is favourite photos of 2019. It is lovely looking back to see the fun and adventures that we have had.

In January Mr H and I visited Liverpool Cathedral while waiting for Mr Hs car to have its MOT at the Cathedral was the knife angel, this has to be my favourite photograph in January.

Knife angel

My next favourite photograph is from February is Charlie dog saying hello to some of the ducks in Botanic park in Churchtown. He just loves to walk through the aviary.

Aviary in Botantic Park

March’s photograph was from a trip to Hesketh Park I always love these steps.

My photograph for April is of Franks Bridge in Kirby Stephen. This was taken before meeting up with Mr Hs family.

Franks Bridge

My photograph for May is Mr H and Charlie dog when we visited RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh to take Charlie on a walk and see what wildlife we could see.

RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh

My photograph for June is a moorhen and chicks seen from our caravan window on a wet June day but they seemed to be happy.

Moorhen and chicks

In July we went on a guided walk on Ainsdale beach to the Star of Hope shipwreck this was a fascinating day and Mr H and I learnt a great deal of information from the guide who was extremely knowledgable. We saw the remnants of two shipwrecks and plenty of jellyfish.

Star of hope

When August arrived it was time for our only camping trip of the year. I love this picture as every time I left my sleeping bag Charlie dog decided it was his bed.

Charlie in our tent

September brought us heritage days and although we didn’t do a lot of them this was one of my favourites. The reopening of the Mansion house in Calderstones Park in Liverpool and the relocation of the Calder stones that gave the park and an area in Liverpool its name.

Calder Stones shown prominently in their new home.

In October we went to Martin Mere just outside Burscough it had been a long time since I visited last and it was Mr Hs first time visiting. I love the unusual look of the Muscovy duck pictured below and it was the first time I had ever seen one of them.

Muscovy duck

November brought this fabulous sunset over the caravan. I couldn’t leave it out of my favourites.


December brought lights and these are my favourites. It is a fabulous light show all done to music. This was our second year visiting them and can’t wait for next years.

Light show

My look back on a fabulous 2019 and here’s hoping that 2020 brings even more adventures.