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Trip along the pier

Today is the last day of mine and Mr Hs holiday and it is back to work tomorrow so to get out today for our last walk of the holiday we decided to park further up Marine Drive than we normally would and walk right the way along past the pier and along side the beach.

Once we got to the end after looking at the transpennine poster at the end we turned around to go back.

We walked back towards the pier so that we could walk along it to the cafe at the end for a rest and a drink before heading back along the pier and then the rest of the way along Marine Drive back to the car.

Once back at the caravan there some time to do a little more of my cross stitch square for Love Quilts UK before having to pack the car to head home. My intention was to complete some more of it and to try and crochet some little nests to send over to wildlife centres in Australia for the animals that have been effected by the fires, I think that they deserve some Random acts of crochet kindness at the moment. Hopefully this week they will be some of my aims.

This post is for Lindas Just Jot January and there are some streetlights again for life of Bs are you square?

Are you square? · General posts · Just Jot January · Red January for Mind · Walk 1,000 miles in 2020

Just a bit of shopping

Today we had to drive back to Liverpool to pick up Mr Hs medication although we will be back in Liverpool to stay on Sunday as both of our holidays have now finished and we are back to work on Monday. Instead of coming back to the caravan the way in which we normally would we decided to go into the city centre to have a look in the outdoor shop for a new pair of walking boots for Mr H.

Once we parked the car in the multi-storey car park we started the All trails app to see what our mileage for today would be for our Walk 1,000 miles. Straight from the car park, we nipped into a department store so that I could pick up some embroidery thread to make some progress on my next square to Love quilts UK. As we left the store I couldn’t help but take a picture of the Christmas tree.

From here it was on to the outdoor shop to see what type of walking boots they had for Mr H. As he couldn’t decided if they would be his choice to buy he is planning on continuing to look around.

Before heading back to the car we walked up towards the Royal Albert Dock so that I could buy myself some fudge. On our way up I took a picture of the reindeer made of lights in Liverpool one.

The amount of miles walked while shopping in Liverpool city centre are below

Once we had got everything we needed it was back to the caravan in Southport and a little stop to grab some lunch. Once back at the caravan park we stopped for one last quick drink at the onsite club before heading to the caravan. For are you square I have the spotlights in the club while we were having a drink.

Today’s post for Just Jot January

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Park life…

Today we went for a little walk around Botanic park in Churchtown as is one of Charlie dog’s favourite parks to wander around as he gets to see the birds in the aviary. Then he can have a walk around the lake. So I took some photographs as we walked around the park that are below.

The couple of pictures below have both paths and a tunnel for Alive and trekkings Which way photo challenge.

We even walked although a path that we don’t normally which led us through a little tunnel.

Then back out to the next little route by the lake.

The post below if you look very carefully you will see a gull and a pigeon in flight for today’s Are you square?

Once we had walked round to the cafe we stopped so Mr H could have a drink of tea, Charlie dog could have a drink of water and a treat and I could have a nice cold soft drink. I was also going to leave my little bookmark at the cafe but we started talking to a man and his dog and I forgot until Mr H reminded me as we were leaving.

The plan after the park was to go to the Bold Arms for a little lunch but we ended up just nipping in for a little drink before heading back to the caravan.

The picture below is for Brian at Bushboys world who asks us to post our last photograph. It shows Charlie relaxing at the public house after his walk around the park.

Charlie Dog resting in the Bold Arms

Below are my all trails map and mileage for today for Walk 1,000 and my keeping active for Red January for Mind.

Especially for Linda as part of my Just Jot January below is my pattern for my simple flower bookmark. I just hope I have written it so you can understand as it is my first time writing done any instructions for anyone other than myself.

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A day in town

So today we decided on a walk around Southport town centre as Mr H wanted to get his hair cut and have a look for a new pair of walking boots instead of a walk with our walking boots on. We had a pleasant walk and we were still out and active.

We had an enjoyable couple of hours just wondering around town window shopping. Not many photographs while out walking but did manage to get what I thought where the last two nutcrackers that have been dotted around Southport since before Christmas. So hopefully I should now have pictures of all 10.

Then it was off to have something for lunch at the Shrimper on our way back to the caravan.

The website 64 million artists today challenged us to make something by any means possible and then give it away. I decided to crochet this bookmark as I am also in a Facebook group that is random acts of crochet kindness where people crochet small objects and leave for a member of the public to find to hopefully cheer them up. I will hopefully drop it off somewhere to be found tomorrow.

As we started getting to dusk it was time for some candlelight before putting the electric lights on.

Posts today was part of Linda’s Just Jot January challenge to post every day during January and for Life of B’s Are you Square?

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A warm welcome to 2020

So it is the 1st January 2020 and Mr H, Charlie dog and I have started our day with breakfast at one of our favourite public houses, The cock and bottle in Tarleton. The plan was to have breakfast and then go on a little walk with Charlie but we arrived slightly early and had a little pre-breakfast walk with Charlie so came straight back to the caravan.

After a little rest and looking to see what was on television I started to have a look on the All trails app to see what walk we could do next. So that we could continue the progress we have already made on our walk 1,000 miles and today is the 1st day of Red January for Mind where the aim is to be active in some way every day of January.

I created a walk on all trails and just to test if I could do it on my phone put through the actual website, not the app . The map created while at the caravan is below.

After showing it to Mr H we decided to give it a go as we had only had a short walk earlier on. So it was time to get our boots on.

Had a lovely varied walk the start along the country lanes. Once on the country lanes we made a slight change to the original map.

Then onto roads with houses and eventually on to a main road. As we walked along the main road at looked at the street lights to see just one already lit up.

Once we got back to the caravan we stopped our recording of our walk to see how many miles we had completed on the walk.

This is my first post for a post a day in January for Linda’s Just jot January, I even managed to get a picture for LPM Photo adventure rural life and a light for life of Bs Are you square?