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A warm welcome to 2020

So it is the 1st January 2020 and Mr H, Charlie dog and I have started our day with breakfast at one of our favourite public houses, The cock and bottle in Tarleton. The plan was to have breakfast and then go on a little walk with Charlie but we arrived slightly early and had a little pre-breakfast walk with Charlie so came straight back to the caravan.

After a little rest and looking to see what was on television I started to have a look on the All trails app to see what walk we could do next. So that we could continue the progress we have already made on our walk 1,000 miles and today is the 1st day of Red January for Mind where the aim is to be active in some way every day of January.

I created a walk on all trails and just to test if I could do it on my phone put through the actual website, not the app . The map created while at the caravan is below.

After showing it to Mr H we decided to give it a go as we had only had a short walk earlier on. So it was time to get our boots on.

Had a lovely varied walk the start along the country lanes. Once on the country lanes we made a slight change to the original map.

Then onto roads with houses and eventually on to a main road. As we walked along the main road at looked at the street lights to see just one already lit up.

Once we got back to the caravan we stopped our recording of our walk to see how many miles we had completed on the walk.

This is my first post for a post a day in January for Linda’s Just jot January, I even managed to get a picture for LPM Photo adventure rural life and a light for life of Bs Are you square?

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Memories Of Threlkeld

My blog today is a blast from the past as work has been so busy this week to be able to do very much. It has been inspired by a few challenges, so I would like to thank City Sonnet’s for the photo a day and color and letter challenges which for today is old fashioned and the letter W, Cee’s photography for her fun foto challenge for this week which is red and Little pieces of me for this months go on an adventure challenge which is animals.

So today I have been looking back at some photographs from our honeymoon to the Lake District. Mr H and I love the Lake District so what better a place to spend a few days after our wedding. It was ideal as Charlie dog was able to come with us. We visited a hotel that we had been to before in Grasmere where we didn’t actually stay in the hotel but in one of three mews just to the side of the hotel so we were a little bit more independent for Charlie. The day before we were to return home Mr H’s car that was parked in the hotel car park was backed into by an employee and damaged so we had to spend an extra night there while waiting for a courtesy car.

On the day we were leaving to go home we thought that we would also try to visit done new places on our way so that we could make the most of the day. One place we visited was Threlkeld Quarry and mining museum.

This was such a fabulous place as the dog was also allowed to walk around the museum and grounds with us.

It was fabulous to see all of the old fashioned machinery used when it was a working mine and quarry.

I definitely had to get a close-up picture of the great big red wheel. It was probably taller than me.

While we stopped at one of the picnic tables to grab a quick drink and just take in the views we saw this cow in the field and I just had to get a picture.