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Are you Square? – Bright little dandelions

It has been a while since I posted a blog for are you square but this post is actually for 2 different photo challenges that I enjoy. Firstly for Becky’s are you square which this month is bright, for Cee’s flower of the day.


a common small, bright yellow wildflower that has a lot of long, thin petals arranged in a circular pattern around a round centre.

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Easter weekend walk

Todays blog is a summary of our Easter Sunday walk, I have posted about this place on numerous occasions but it is definitely our favourite woodland walk and with lockdown easing and being able to move around a little bit more it was time to take the opportunity to get back there. So todays blog will also bring in a few blogging challenges that I like to do and these are for Jo’s Monday Walk, Cee’s flower of the day and also Becky’s are you square? – bright squares.

A lot of my squares today are actually contributing to my bright squares for today from all of the bright blue skies to the bright reflections on the lake.

On leaving the car and deciding which direction we would start our walk this little bird was the first thing I saw flying up from the ground into the trees. It took a while to get this photograph as it kept flitting from branch to branch and it was quite difficult to find it camouflaged into the branches. Neither Mr H or I actually knew what it was when we first saw it but we now think that it is a chiffchaff.

The next two photographs are for for my flower of the day as I could not resist taking a photograph of the willow, its latin name in Salix caprea but it is known as a goat willow, pussy willow or a great sallow.

I couldn’t resist taking a close up of some of the catkins before carrying on our walk as they just looked so fabulous against that bright blue sky.

As we carried on our walk this tree trunk stump just needed to have its photograph taken. It always amazes me when they have gaps at the bottom of the trunk I am not sure how well you can see it. It always makes me wonder how it has been made.

Our next stop that we took photographs was the lake, this is always one of my favourite places to take photographs as every time you go it looks so different. As we walked around towards the lake we heard a couple of geese flying overhead heading for the lake. It was lovely to be able to actually see them both from the actual viewing platform as we walked around. With one of them standing on its tree trunk island preening itself in the sunshine while the other was on the lake. Although there were some ducks and a moorhen they were at the other side of the lake.

How fabulous does it look? Its looks like it was really sunny and warm but actually it is very deceiving as it was quite chilly. But just look at the reflections of the trees in the Lake it really didn’t matter how chilly it was as it was just a fabulous sight.

Charlie is also enjoying his surroundings although luckily enough the ducks had stayed away as Charlie really does not like being around the ducks (not sure why as there have always been ducks around the caravan.

As we made our way back to the car eventually I spotted this little duck just wandering back to the small lake by the visitor centre.

I didn’t actually realise until writing this that actually the majority of the photograph that I took were around the lake but Mr H did actually take a little video and he has posted it on his facebook group, so here is the link if you fancy having a little look and even listen to all of the birds that are in the background they were definitely very vocal. Plus there is also a very short video clip on this blogs facebook page that I managed to get of M H and Charlie dog and here is the link to that.

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The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild – Day 9

It’s day 9 already and during the days so far I have been enjoying taking photographs of plants and flowers while Mr H and I are out and about.

So todays blog is not just for day 9 of 30 days wild but also for City sonnets letters and colours which is vibrant red, the friendly Friday challenge which is the colour pink and Cee’s flower of the day

Garden roses

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Welcome March

City Sonnets photo a day for today is to welcome in March. So with today being St Davids day in Wales, I am welcoming in March with some daffodils (as I am welcoming in with a daffodil I am also going to make this my flower the day for Cee’s FOTD as I haven’t done one in such a long time) seen on my walk today with Mr H and Charlie dog at the caravan park.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus.

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Walking the dog

Although today is the 4th day of wild Christmas with the wildlife trust it is our 1st as we haven’t been able to any decent walks over Christmas day and boxing day we thought that today Charlie deserved a decent walk to blow off the festive cobwebs. So after an early get up for the weekend and a little rest it was time for Charlie to get his harness on and for Mr H and I to get our walking boots on. We decided to do one of our favourite walks that is not far from the caravan and is actually part of the wildlife trust at Mere Sands Woods.

Mere sands woods is part of the Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside wildlife trust in Rufford surrounded by agricultural land. The site covers 42 hectares with lakes, woodland and grassland. There are 3 routes of different levels of accessibility.

Charlie enjoying the fresh air

Today we decided that we would walk right the way around the parameter to the wood whereas sometimes we will just do half. They are currently doing a lot of work on the visitor centre that is there so one of the paths that we would normally walk along is cut off as we would normally walk around the meadow with sheep in it and walk along past the lake.

There are so many things to see while you are on your walk. So for today’s flower of the day, I spotted this Ivy around the base of one of the trees.

You always find lots of fungi while you are walking around and I do love taking pictures of fungi. Here are some from todays walk.

I have 2 pictures for Xingfumama’s take a seat. The first is a seat cut out of the base of a tree and the second are little toadstools shaped from wood.

Seat cut in tree stump
3 Little toadstools

The signpost is my photograph for Alive and trekking’s which way challenge. Along with the signpost, there are also some photographs of the paths that were taken.

This crooked tree is my photograph for Cee’s black and white photo challenge for this week which is crooked and squiggly lines.

Although you can hardly see him but this robin is my Bird of the day for Granny Shot its photo challenge it took so long to try and get a photograph of one of the robins that we saw as they just kept flying away as soon as my camera was ready.

As Mr H and I have signed up to walk 1,000 miles in 2020 we are actually starting ours now so this walk will be our first lot of miles to count for this. Below are the screenshots from the All trails app to show how have walked.

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Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD)

My post for today is inspired by a few challenges today firstly Cee’s photo challenge flower of the day. Also for City Sonnets photo a day challenge which today is solitude and color and letters which today is vivid pink. Tourmaline’s Color your world challenge of which this week is cotton candy.

My flower of the day for today is actually quite a common sight in the UK woodlands, hedgerows and coastal areas you will find it at ground level in shady spots. But until today I didn’t actually know what it was. It is Geranium Robertianum but has many names but it is commonly known as herb robert.

Although normally low lying the cover of the partially chopped down tree in the picture below was an ideal place for a little seed to grow into a flower at Martin Mere.

It is an edible flower/plant and it has been used for it’s healing properties.

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Look at the birdies 🦆🦢

So today Charlie stayed in the caravan having a little rest while we took a little trip to Martin Mere WWT. We have been past it so many times since we got the caravan and still hadn’t been. I went there a very long time ago when I was a toddler but that was the last time I visited (there is a photograph somewhere from then that I will have to find now to show Mr H).

I have to say that although I love to look at birds I actually get scared when they start to fly (I have always been like this) I do seem to be a bit too cope if they are not flying close to me. We had a great time walking around and looking at all of the birds.

It is really large in size and the amount of birds is vast even at this time of year.

I think that I have a few birds today for Granny shot it’s bird of the day as there were far too many for me to chose just one of them.

Chilean flamingo
Wood duck
Muscovy duck with a puna teal duck in the background
Black-necked swan
Greater flamingo

As well as birds I even managed to take a picture of some common holly for Cee’s flower of the day.

Common Holly

We spent the afternoon at the caravan and we had a couple of trick or treaters as it is Halloween.

Overall today was an enjoyable day. I hope that you have all had a good Halloween.

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Pine trees

Today my picture is for two challenges the first one is Color your world from Tourmaline blog and Flower of the day from Cees photography.

This picture was taken at Formby pine woods when we took Charlie dog on one of his many walks in the woods. I really do love taking close up pictures of trees and flowers, I love to see the detail.

We visit there a lot as there is the woods that Charlie loves walking around and we get to watch the squirrels. Then there are the sand dunes and the beach which are great to walk along, Charlie really loves the sand although he never gets to close to the sea as he really does not like the water.

Charlie after his walk on the beach and getting ready for his walk through the woods.