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CMMC – May Alphabet

The letter for May on Cee’s midweek madness challenge is a letter ‘G’ anywhere in the word so here are just some of the photographs I have found.

Bee lights
Wood Pigeon
Canada Goose
Watering can
Swan and cygnets
Ring necked doves
Forget me knots
Cees Midweek Madness Challenge · Challenges · General posts

CMMC -May Pick a topic

This week on Cee’s midweek madness challenge our inspiration is taken from the photograph that is posted on Cee’s blog. Some of her suggestions for this month are store front, building, mural, sign, mirror, reflection, window, stop sign, beige, people, parking meter, sidewalk, etc Below are just some of my photographs inspired by Cees photograph.

Building & Store front
Buildings & Windows
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May Scavenger Hunt – Mirror

This weekend’s topic for Astrid’s May’s scavenger hunt is Mirror. My first thought when I saw this topic was that I had no chance of joining in as I could not think of any photographs that I have of mirrors. Then I had one of those light bulb moments when I remembered a photograph I had taken just as lockdown was starting to be eased in the UK and we could move about slightly more.

So, this photograph is not actually a mirror but just look at the reflection on the lake during our recent walk to Mere Sands Woods and although we do go there so many times I have never seen the lake looking quite so mirror like.

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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds perched on anything

The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is birds perched on anything.

Well our feeding station at the caravan seems to be a favourite for the birds to perch on these day, I remember when we used to get no visitors.

Starling on the feeding station
Blue tit on the feeding station
Wood Pigeon on the feeding station
Robin on the feeding station
House sparrow on the feeding station

The collared dove much prefers the TV aerial on the opposite caravan but has become slightly more adventurous.

Moved from the aerial to the railings of the veranda.

But then a little more adventurous in the places to perch as now they are trying their best to build themselves a nest on top of the light on the caravan veranda.

Robin perched in the tree.

Handy little perching place on the lake.

This seems to be a popular perching spot, what do you think?

Another popular perching place.

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CBWC – Cute factor

Cees black and white challenge this week is the cute factor.

Couldn’t have a topic of cute without at least one photograph of Charlie dog and who could resist having to just sit there with something so cute.

Next is my photograph of the cute little seagull chicks although they didn’t stay this tiny for long. This photograph is from around this time last year during the COVID lockdown in the UK and we hope we will see some more chicks this year as they are already sitting on the same nest.