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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds with chicks.

The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is birds with chicks so a little trip through the archives to find the few photographs I have.

6 thoughts on “Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds with chicks.

  1. You have lots of beautiful photos of babies! I love the first shot. Those are teenagers! LOL! Bird Weekly may be late, even tomorrow. I got really sick with the 2nd vaccine and have been down for a couple of days. I have to see how I feel in the next couple of hours.

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    1. We loved watching those cygnets in the first picture growing up so quickly each weekend and during holidays at the caravan. We had fun the day the decided that the best place for them to sit was in the middle of the road, they really were like little teenagers that day with a queue of cars behind them. They still regularly visit. I hope you are feeling better soon (I am having my first vaccination on Tuesday so fingers crossed I don’t feel to bad 🤞 🙂

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      1. Yep, sounds like fun with the birds! I will be thinking of you when you get your first shot! I’m almost 100% right now except the nausea hasn’t completely gone away yet. I had reactions to both but this one knocked me down! Crossing my fingers and toes for you! 🙂

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      2. Glad you are almost 100% now. Thanks Lisa, haven’t seen the ducklings this weekend either we have a nice long weekend at the caravan next weekend so fingers crossed I may just see them and get a photograph 🙂

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