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Are you Square? – Bright statue

This month Becky’s theme is bright so how could I leave this statue out with all of those bright coloured stones. This is the Liverpool mountain that I have plucked out of my archive photographs and it is found in Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock. It was created by Ugo Rondinone who was inspired by naturally occurring Hoodoos and the art of meditative rock balancing and is 10 metres high.

You cannot get the true size of it in this photograph but I was on my own the day I took this photograph as Mr H was at work, maybe on our next visit to Royal Albert Dock I will either stand beside it or get Mr H to stand beside it so you get an idea of how big it actually is. I still can’t quite get used to calling the Albert Dock Royal Albert Dock as it has just been given royal status (it is a fabulous place with lots of things to visit and I don’t think I have done a proper blog about it so maybe that will be an idea for the future, it is one of those places that you find you don’t visit enough when you live in the city).