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Thursday Trios – #10

Mama Cormier has a photo challenge in which she asks us to look for photographs showing a trio of objects. This is my first attempt at Thursday trios and have quite enjoyed it.

The first photograph is of a trio of yarn just sat ready and waiting for me to attempt to crochet a hexagon cardigan.

The second photograph is a cluster of three stitches (I know it is a little bit more difficult to see with the colour) being used to make the cardigan.

The third trio is a trio of bands from the used balls of yarn.

Now we are getting to the sewing up stage I have 3 clip ready to hold the pieces together as they are connected.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Trios – #10

  1. I like your theme for Thursday Trios this week. I posted yarn as well that has been waiting for over a year for me to tackle a project with it. Unfortunately I bought it with no project in mind. Any suggestions?

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    1. I loved the photograph of your yarn. My favourite projects were always blankets as I was never any good at reading a crochet pattern and I seem to find knitting is so slow for me. Then I moved onto hats but this is my first attempt of crocheting a cardigan it is going to be quite bulky but hoping it will be ideal for chilly evenings especially when camping and it was very easy as it was Granny Square inspired. 🙂

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