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Jo’s Monday walk

Well, it’s been a while since I managed to get a blog written that after so many weeks of juggling working from home and days actually in work a bit of a break was definitely needed. So with Jo’s Monday walk in mind, it would be wrong not to post today after a bit of a walk at the weekend.

So the plan for the weekend was to find an alternative route for Mr H to get to work this week as a section of the motorway that he would normally travel on was due to be shut when he would be travelling to work (practically the middle of the night, 4.30 in the morning) so he wanted to be as prepared as possible.

We decided to take the dog in the car with us and find somewhere we could have a bit of a walk on our way home. We passed this park while we were driving towards Mr Hs work and decided to go back in the same direction instead of the motorway to see what it was like.

From the sign we could see that the park had had an interesting past and there could be lots to explore but the plan was only a short walk for today as we had other jobs to do when returning home.

We decided that for today we would just have a quick walk around the pond as we were a little far away from “The dream” sculpture (this could be on our next visit).

It was definitely a pleasant walk as the sun was shining nicely.

Charlie thought that he may go and explore the footprints (or hoof prints) of another recent visitor along the path.


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