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January scavenger hunt – Last words for January

Kate has continued in January to do the same as she did in December with a different theme/word each week and this weeks being the last week in January it is your own choice.

This month with all that is going on and working in a school trying to find a balance between working from home, going in to work when required and trying to relax things have been a little stressful. So I couldn’t think of a better picture to end this month than this little furry companion that has kept me company while at home. I can’t always say that he has been good, from trying to sit on my knee while having zoom meetings and trying to get work done, but in some ways that has all helped to lighten the days just a little.

Not sure if he was just bored as I wasn’t playing or he was keeping a watchful eye on me while sat on the blanket.

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Are you Square? – Squared up

Can’t believe we are at the end of the month of The life of B’s quarterly challenge and I have missed it all what with juggling working from home and days in work and trying to have some me time (the last not always very successfully). This month Beckys theme was Up and I couldn’t let the month go without at least one picture, this was meant to start my month off as this was my photograph looking up at the moon one morning just before new year.