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Scavenger Photo Hunt – October 2020

I can’t believe that we are at the end October already and it’s time for this month’s photographs for Kates I Live, I Love, I craft photo scavenger hunt.

The words for October are below, here is what we have found:

  • Sweet treat
  • Starts with a W
  • Reading now
  • Hobby/crafting
  • Something purple
  • My own Choice

Sweet Treat

For my sweet treat photograph I have decided to use my shortbread in the shape of Herdy sheep from the Herdy company in the Lake District in England.

Starts with a W

My photograph fit starts with a W is of a web. I was quite mesmerising watching the spider making his web. I just wish I could of got the spider in it as well.

Reading now

My reading now picture is of the current book I am reading on my kindle and it is by Cathy Glass. I do like her books as they are true stories about her experiences fostering children. I think that this is such a fabulous thing to do, especially working in a school and seeing just how much some children go through. I had a little bit of time where I just couldn’t concentrate on reading no matter what it was, which is not good when you are trying to read 20 books in 2020 especially when reading isn’t your favourite thing to do.

Hobby/Crafting & Something purple

My hobby/crafting & something purple photographs I have put together as they both match both topics. I have just made Charlie dog a purple poppy to go on his collar to show his support for service animals.

Own Choice

My “own choice” picture is Charlie dog after his groom this month. It looks like we have eventually found a groomer that he likes, which is a task in itself, as he is extremely awkward. So now we don’t have a scruffy Charlie dog but it makes you realise just how small he actually is as he does now look tiny.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photographs this month and I can’t wait for next months words.

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Are you Square? – October three of a Halloween kind

Well it’s the last day of The life of B’s quarterly challenge of which this quarter is all about kind photographs.

With Halloween upon us, I thought would be a little fun photograph for today’s squares. Just three Halloween hay bales although the bottom two look slightly friendlier than the top one.

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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Birds in your yard or Garden

This weeks bird weekly photo challenge topic is birds found in your yard or garden.

My pictures where all taken in the garden area surrounding our caravan. I love looking out of the window to see the birds. This year there seem to be so many more than normal or maybe I am just noticing them more.

I have been trying to get a photograph of a ring-necked dove but everytime I get the camera ready it flies away.

Blue tit
Black bird
Ducks (various)
Song thrush
Hawk (sparrow hawk)

This one we have only seen once but from what we were told there was a family nesting at an extremely local farm.

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Are you Square? – October spreading a little kindness

This month is The life of B’s quarterly challenge of which this October is all about kind photographs. This one is all about spreading a little kindness.

It’s been a little while since I posted a square but today my photograph is of gifts that I have just wrapped and boxed up to send to a child who has a life limiting illness or a young sibling to try to help to bring a smile to their face, which at this present time seems to be needed much more than ever.

I know that I have written about this before but this is for a charity, Post Pals, that asks people to send post to children who have life limiting illnesses or their younger siblings in order to help to bring a smile to their face. It can be anything from a postcard, card or letter or it could be a small gift anything that you think may make them smile.

The parcel above is just one of the schemes that they run where people send a monthly gift to a specific child, there is a theme for each month for parcels. This month is Autumnal, fantasy or mythical and next month it is movies. I am hoping that my monthly gift which is for a 16 year old will give her some enjoyable autumnal evenings. They also have regular writers who write to a specific child every couple of weeks. But for some people they just enjoy sending cards and letters to a few children, which is great.

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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Owls 🦉

The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is owls.

I don’t have a lot of these and some you will have seen before.

These pictures where taken at an animal rescue centre at a fundraising event and this birds of prey rescue centre. Although I think they are fabulous birds this was actually a nightmare for me as they really do frighten me most. They actually had one of the smaller owls that you could actually get extremely close to and some people where actually stroking specific owls, I was actually proud that I was ale to actually stand so close to such a large bird.

This next one was a cross-stitch square that I did which I send to a charity where a collection of 12 squares all stitched by different people are sent to a quilter who puts them all together to make a quilt for a child who has a life-limiting illness. These are used at home and some children take them with them during hospital stays so that they have something familiar and comforting with them.

this photograph was taken by the family.
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Outside my window

The topic for Cees black and white photo challenge this week is outside your home or view.

The view from outside of my window on this Sunday morning while trying my best to relax in preparation for what is going to be an extremely busy and stressful week in work.

I am quite enjoying watching the very high branches of the tall tree behind the neighbouring caravan just gently moving and the birds at the very tip of those very high branches fluttering from one branch to another with what seems like not a care in the world (if you can see what looks like a blob at the very top these are the birds, I can only see one, maybe two, in this picture as a good few flew away when some geese passed overhead). It really is so peaceful.

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Are you Square? – best kind of way to shop on a Sunday

This month is The life of B’s quarterly challenge of which this October is all about kind photographs.

I always love a restful Sunday and hate it when we need to go shopping but if we do have to shop this has to be the best kind of Sunday shopping.

This is a farm local to our caravan who used to only sell eggs but is now collaborating with other local farms to sell their produce as she already had an established clientele.

Local stall

From here we then went to another local farmer who has a shop and cafe, today it was just to visit the farm shop to get some cheese, bacon and sausage. But then I also saw their homemade rhubarb pie for Mr H as that’s his favourite and some homemade scones for afternoon tea for my nan and great aunt.

While we were there as the weather was nice we had a walk round to see the animals.

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Are you Square? – Somebody’s kinda comfortable

This month is The life of B’s quarterly challenge of which this October is all about kind photographs.

So today we bought ourselves a teddy bear duvet cover and fitted sheet for the bed in the caravan. Guess who decided they would be the first to see what it is like?

This is Charlie dog sitting on the end of the bed after rolling around on the bed, I think that he approves.

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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Macro shot

The topic for this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is macro shot. I don’t have many macro shots and I know I have used this one before but this one is definitely my favourite up close bird photograph for a few points. Firstly I seem at the moment to be obsessed with ducks and secondly as I actually managed to be able to sit so close to these two regular duck visitors to the caravan looking for some food without actually running away from them, a very big step in trying to get over my fear of birds flying by me or being very close to me.