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Labour of love

This weeks lens-artist challenge comes from a guest blogger who has given us the topic of labours of love as it was labor day.

Labour of love: (Noun) work done for the sake of ones own enjoyment or of benefit to others rather than for material rewards.

Knitting baby hats for local hospital.

Cross stitching squares to be made into blankets for children with life limiting illness to comfort them especially during hospital visits. I do this for Live quilts UK.

just a small selection

Writing cards and letters to children with life-limiting illness just to bring a smile to their face when needed. Pictures below were from last Christmas when I wrote reindeer letters to a child and then. Wrote a Christmas card to every family and included a handmade Christmas snowflake decoration. I do this for post pals.

letters from Santas reindeers
making snowflakes to go with the cards
getting ready to write all the Christmas cards

7 thoughts on “Labour of love

    1. Thank you, well I don’t have little ones of my own and never will so if I can bring a smile or comfort to a child who needs it I feel that I am helping someone. It also gives back, last Christmas I actually got a Christmas card back from I child I had sent post to in the year which came at a very difficult time for me and really did cheer me up so much. It’s surprising how one small thing can make such a difference πŸ™‚


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