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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Seagulls

This weeks bird weekly photo challenge is show photographs of seagulls. At the moment seem to love taking photographs of seagulls.

This photograph has to be one of my favourite seagull photographs, it was taken at Martin Mere. I just find it so amusing as it looks like the one at the front is actually shouting at me for taking its photograph.

These are some of the seagulls that we see at work, as I work in a school we see lots of them especially after the pupils have had their break.

Right opposite the office that I am in there is a flat roof and one day while in work during lockdown I glanced out the window to see this seagull sitting on a nest right in the corner The photograph isn’t the best as I only had my phone camera and had to zoom right in.

These are the chicks once they started moving around on the roof, there were originally three but one went overnight.

I managed to get a picture on our last day before the school holidays

I had to go back into school after 4 weeks to help with the exam grades and it was lovely to see the little ones still on the roof, but just look at how much they have grown.

3 thoughts on “Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Seagulls

  1. I love the seagull chicks when they were small and fluffy, they look really cute. Although I’ve seen young seagulls before I’ve never seen any actual chicks so thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

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    1. It is my pleasure. This was my first time seeing a chick as although they do best on the buildings they normally nest on the flat roof above our office so we don’t normally see them. It was fabulous watching them grow 🙂


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