On the hunt for joy

Time to hydrate

The topic for Cee’s on the hunt for joy this week is remember to hydrate.

The photograph below are mine and Mr H’s new water bottles especially for when we are going out on walking trips as we always forget to keep ourselves hydrated.

The picture below is Charlie dog making sure that he is hydrated after a work at RSPB Marshside while sitting in the shade just under the car.

4 thoughts on “Time to hydrate

    1. Yes it is, we have tried a bottle with a water container attached but he isn’t keen on them. We have found he won’t drink if the bowl is too high so we normally just open it up a little bit and he is fine with that. We have a couple in the car with us all the time and a few have a carabiner clip so we can attach to our bag for during walks πŸ™‚ We do have a very fussy dog.


      1. We’ve got pugs and they need a shallow bowl too. We use to use a 1 cup measuring up for them, but their faces need to a wider opening for them to really drink well.


      2. That or is a fairly large bowl but we do have some others that are actually smaller which he prefers but that one was in the boot of the car. I do think they are ideal especially with not having to fully open we tend to open the top part so it wider πŸ™‚

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