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Covid creativity

Lens artist this week whats to see the creative things we have done during this time of COVID. While taking breaks from working from home I have mainly been crafting with a little bit of baking. Here are some of the things I have been doing.

There were a few cross stitch projects some that had already been started before COVID and completed during that time. Some that were both started and finished during COVID and some still a work a progress.

Just a little bit of baking during lockdown, some cake and shortbread.

Just a little bit of crochet to go on my backpack for our walking trips out so we can tell the difference between our bags as Mr H and I have the same colour backpacks.

Lastly some knitting of some baby hats for a local hospitals maternity unit.

12 thoughts on “Covid creativity

  1. How wonderful, Joanne! I love the range of your creative projects. The cookies, the needlepoint, the hats…you’ve given me a great idea to contact our local hospital. Thanks for the idea!

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    1. Thanks, I do hope that your local hospital would appreciate some hats. It is definitely very rewarding, even my needlepoint squares are posted off to a charity that make quilts for children with life-limiting illness to provide comfort at home or at hospital when having treatment πŸ™‚

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