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Goodbye August

As we say goodbye to August it gives us the opportunity to look back at the month, at what we have done even during these strange times that we find ourselves in.

We have had some quiet time at the caravan after a busy period of working from both home and school. As well as just having some relaxing time at the caravan doing some baking, crafting, gardening and just people watching on the caravan veranda. We have also been for some walks around the local parks (Hesketh and Botanic Park), a trip along Southport Pier, along with a day trip to the Lake District.

Below is a selection of photographs from during this time.

After looking back at some of my August memories it is time to prepare to go back to work tomorrow and see what that will hold in this new normal.

On the hunt for joy

Time to hydrate

The topic for Cee’s on the hunt for joy this week is remember to hydrate.

The photograph below are mine and Mr H’s new water bottles especially for when we are going out on walking trips as we always forget to keep ourselves hydrated.

The picture below is Charlie dog making sure that he is hydrated after a work at RSPB Marshside while sitting in the shade just under the car.

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Scavenger Photo Hunt – August 2020

I can’t believe that we are at the end August already and it’s time for this month’s photographs for Kates I Live, I Love, I craft, I am photo scavenger hunt.

The words for August are below, here is what we have found:

  • Moving
  • Boxes
  • Starts with … D
  • Breakfast
  • Making
  • My own Choice


I was really struggling with what photograph to choose for moving but decided on this one of Charlie running along the beach during the lockdown.


My photograph for boxes are some empty label boxes that I am planning on covering in order to use as storage for future projects.

Starts with … D

My photograph for starts with D since I have already done one of Charlie dog has to be the favourite one of the duck at the caravan park. I love that it is so trusting of me just sitting alongside it while it eats the food that I had put down for it but also the fact that I was actually able to sit there with it as being so close to birds actually scares me as I am frightened of things that fly around me.


My photograph for breakfast was taken not long ago when cafes we’re starting to be allowed to open for inside diners. This is always one of our favourite eateries when we go into Southport town centre but you have to go early as it is always busy, it is called Pippins and you wouldn’t even know it was there as it is upstairs. We would normally have a sandwich there for an early lunch but as it was an early trip into town we opted fir breakfast. Mr H had the full English while I opted for a sausage sandwich.


My photograph for making are some baby hats that I have been making to go to a local hospitals maternity unit These are some that have already gone and I am currently making some more.

Own Choice

My own choice photograph is this little blue tit that was just waiting on top of the bird feeder to get some seeds.

I hope that you have enjoyed my photographs for August as much as I enjoyed choosing them. I look forward for next months words.

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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Rare birds

This weeks bird weekly photo challenge is photographs of rare birds for your area, here is my attempt at photographs for this week.

We are quite local to a wetlands trust which has lots of birds that are actually not local to the area. Below are some photographs taken on mine and Mr Hs last visit.


We definitely never see a flamingo in the wild where we are but do love seeing them when we go to Martin Mere or even Chester zoo (which would be our nearest zoo).

They fascinate me standing so confidently on one leg in the water. Until visiting Martin Mere I had very realised the way in which they bend their legs. It really does not look very natural.

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Covid creativity

Lens artist this week whats to see the creative things we have done during this time of COVID. While taking breaks from working from home I have mainly been crafting with a little bit of baking. Here are some of the things I have been doing.

There were a few cross stitch projects some that had already been started before COVID and completed during that time. Some that were both started and finished during COVID and some still a work a progress.

Just a little bit of baking during lockdown, some cake and shortbread.

Just a little bit of crochet to go on my backpack for our walking trips out so we can tell the difference between our bags as Mr H and I have the same colour backpacks.

Lastly some knitting of some baby hats for a local hospitals maternity unit.

Bird weekly - photo challenge · General posts

Bird weekly – Photo challenge – yellow or orange legged birds

In this weeks bird weekly photo challenge is photographs of birds with yellow or orange legs. Just a couple of photographs for this week.

Lesser white fronted goose

This photograph was taken on our last visit to Martin Mere Wetlands Trust.


This was taken on the lawn of our caravan, it just love taking their pictures when they visit looking for food.