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Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Ducks and Geese

In this weeks bird weekly photo challenge we are looking for photographs of ducks or geese. I am going to include some of each although more ducks as I seem to now have an obsession with taking pictures of them.

These first few photographs below are just some of the ducks that are around our caravan. I love it when they leave the river to come by the caravan looking for food.

The photographs below here are some of the ducks and geese at Martin Mere on a recent visit.

Next are some pictures of geese taken on our walk to Hesketh out marsh as well as for bird weekly this is also for Friday fun which was flying.

9 thoughts on “Bird weekly – Photo challenge – Ducks and Geese

    1. If it is the picture that I am thinking of at the end of the ones from Martin Mere it is actually a goose, it does look very big on that picture but it was quite big. I was either very curious or it thought we had food for it as the others that were with it stayed further back, as they are used to people buying food and feeding them.

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