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Lens artist challenge #85 – treasure hunt

This weeks Lens Artist challenge is a treasure hunt. Although I haven’t found something for each category I hope you enjoy the pictures do have.


Taken on my walk up to work a couple of weeks ago.

Something hot/Something cold

Mr Hs and my drink this weekend at one of our favourite coffee shops.

A dog

I love Charlie dog in this picture with the sun on his back on the veranda of the caravan with his favourite red ball.

A bird

I love this photograph of a moorhen and her chicks on the grass next to our caravan.

A funny sign

I love this sign Mr H and I saw this when we where waking Charlie dog along the canal.

A church

A plane

Taken from our caravan of one of the planes heading towards the Southport Air show 2019.


My recently finished piece of cross stitch before it gets posted to join the other 11 squares to make a quilt for a child who is unwell.

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Dutch goes the photo is asking us to look for numbers this week in the Tuesday photo challenge.

The picture below shows the number on the table when we went out for dinner.

Then there is the date on the glass.

The name of a new coffee shop that we have started to go to.

Road signs showing the miles per hour on the roads.

Numbers really are everywhere without you even noticing.

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Fandangos one word challenge for today is glass.

With all of the recent bad weather here in the UK here is looking through the glass at the rain. Although it is not easy to see the rain you can see where the drops of rain on the window are distorting the edges of the objects outside the window.

Word of the day

Saturday get together

So this our second and last weekend we are not able to visit the caravan as it is closed for 14 days instead we are meeting with Mr Hs family for our annual belated get together.

It is always nice to meet up with relations whether close or distant. We will regularly meet up with Mr H’s close relations, I don’t have a lot of close relatives but we don’t seem to meet up with our relations as often as I would like to.

Just a short blog today to incorporate the word of the day which for today is relations.

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Cee’s black and white challenge – signs

Over at Cee’s photography, the black and white challenge for this week is signs.

I have to say that I really do love this one below spotted while walking along the cancel with Charlie, I think he took note of what it said to him.

This one was above the steps leading to the railway. Not sure I wanted to know how many steps I was about to take.

The next couple of signs are on my way up to work each morning.

This sign was on our walk along Southport beach. As it is part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

This sign was in Mere Sands Woods which is one of our favourite walks with Charlie dog.

The next picture actually has two signs as it has the one on the wall which is the coffee shops name and the fire exit sign above the door.

My last sign is the sign of a local public house close to our caravan.