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Five on Friday – Gratitude – 17th January 2020

This is my first five on Friday post for Kate from I live, I love, I craft’s blog for 2020. After a slightly challenging week it has been good to look back on the things that I am grateful for or have me smile this week.


To be able to cross-stitch to create pictures that when combined with other people’s creates a quilt for a seriously ill child. As well as making me feel relaxed when completing it seeing or hearing a comment from a parent saying that something you have helped to create can bring a smile to a child’s face when they need it gives me a sense of value that I don’t normally feel.

Just some of my completed squares

Supportive colleagues

The ability to work together as a team in work where we can all support each other when things are difficult or just if it is required. Especially grateful this week after a very busy and difficult week.


Our caravan as it is just our ideal place for relaxing a weekend as much as possible after busy working weeks but also to feel prepared for the week ahead.

Our caravan when we first got it


Tied in with the above nature around the caravan. During the week we live in a road and an area that is mainly terraced housing so the nature that you see on a daily basis is very limited but while we are at the caravan it is the complete opposite.

Ducklings going back to the water by the caravan

Mr H

Then lastly, it is Mr H who this week has helped to keep me going even after a full day in work.

Mr H and Charlie dog