Are you square? · General posts


It’s been a quiet week this week for blogs as it has been back to work and it has been such a busy time. We also got Mr Hs car back on Tuesday after a long period in the garage being fixed. The only time I was active with any chance of getting any miles in was when I was walking Charlie dog.

Saturday morning I was still up nice and early. It was early enough to still manage to get a picture of the moon. It was still cloudy like last night but I did manage to catch the moonlight beaming through the clouds, ideal for Life of Bs Are you square?

While I waited for Mr H to get up it was time to get a little bit more sewing done before nipping out to do some shopping. It was a busy shopping weekend as I needed to get a dress for a family wedding next week and Mr H needed to get a shirt and some new shoes.

Then on the way home from the caravan tonight I managed to get another picture of the full moon.