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A day in town

So today we decided on a walk around Southport town centre as Mr H wanted to get his hair cut and have a look for a new pair of walking boots instead of a walk with our walking boots on. We had a pleasant walk and we were still out and active.

We had an enjoyable couple of hours just wondering around town window shopping. Not many photographs while out walking but did manage to get what I thought where the last two nutcrackers that have been dotted around Southport since before Christmas. So hopefully I should now have pictures of all 10.

Then it was off to have something for lunch at the Shrimper on our way back to the caravan.

The website 64 million artists today challenged us to make something by any means possible and then give it away. I decided to crochet this bookmark as I am also in a Facebook group that is random acts of crochet kindness where people crochet small objects and leave for a member of the public to find to hopefully cheer them up. I will hopefully drop it off somewhere to be found tomorrow.

As we started getting to dusk it was time for some candlelight before putting the electric lights on.

Posts today was part of Linda’s Just Jot January challenge to post every day during January and for Life of B’s Are you Square?


4 thoughts on “A day in town

    1. It was just a really simple flower and then I added the little tail. I will try to write the pattern while I make some more and put it on tomorrows blog πŸ™‚


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