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Adventures in the dunes

As part of our walk 1,000 miles Mr H and I decided to have a little walk along Ainsdale dunes to see if we could see any of the red poll or Berwick sheep that are brought to the dunes from their normal pastures during the winter to graze on the dine vegetation.

Below some of the pictures taken of the scenery as we first made our way onto the dunes.

Although we didn’t see any red poll cattle there was definitely evidence that the had been around.

As we walked further on we did see some of the Herdwick sheep and managed to get a picture of one of them standing on top of one of the dunes.

We also saw plenty of birds although only managed to get a picture of this one although it was quite a way away.

Then I got more pictures of the scenery and even what looked like a Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere, all it needed was some decorations and some lights.

I also got some pictures of some of the plants including a pine tree and what I think is a puffball fungi.

This next picture is of the dunes that I had to come down as this was one of the smaller dunes that I had to choose from.

Below is the All trails screenshots of the mileage and route that we took.

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