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Two gentle strolls

So today Mr H and I had two gentle strolls one with Charlie dog and then a very short one without Charlie dog.

The first one was at Rufford, we drove over to Rufford Old Hall which belongs to the National trust. The hall wasn’t actually open but it didn’t matter as we were planning on taking Charlie with us we wouldn’t have been able to go in the house but we could use that as a base to start our walk.

We eventually came out of Rufford Old Hall to make our way along part of the Sollom to Burscough Canal as we got on to the canal path there was a sign that Charlie dog made a note of as well as Mr H and me.

As we walked along the canal side there was some farmland with sheep grazing on it.

Once we got to the junction with the road we came off the canal to start our journey back round to the car that we had left in Rufford Old Hall’s car park but before we went back round we had a little look at Rufford Marina where there was a brasserie to get a drink and a bite to eat. Then it was back along to the main road where we had planned on having a drink when we got back to Rufford Old Hall but when we arrived at the courtyard we could only sit outside with having the dog with us and the picnic tables weren’t undercover so they were wet so it was back to the car and we headed back to the caravan so that Charlie dog could have a little rest.

Water pump in Rufford Old Hall’s courtyard

Once Charlie was back at the caravan we went off to Tarleton to grab a bite to eat at the Cock and Bottle.

After lunch we went for a little walk along Tarleton Lock along a small stretch of the canal.

On our way back to the caravan we nipped into The Courtyard which is a fabulous shop that sells a vast selection of items from greeting cards and ornaments to clothes and bedding so that I could have a little look for a something to wear for Mr H’s cousin’s wedding.

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