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The weekends nearly over

Well, this week has been an unusual weekend, I was up extra early on Saturday as Charlie dog decided that 5.30 was the ideal time to get up. As it was quiet I thought it would be an ideal time to get some crafting done. So as it is nearly Christmas and I was trying to make a slightly different Christmas decoration to send of to my crafty secret elfster for Christmas. So to go with the things that I already have or am planning to do to finish off I decided that I would crochet twist on the traditional paper chain (now I love them so much I plan to make some for our caravan as well).

Finished paper chain for gift.

Once Mr H got up we went into town to post some Christmas cards that need to go overseas and get Mr H a Christmas Jumper for work on Friday. While in town doing the shopping that we know we needed to get we had a little look for some other Christmas presents. We saw the tree that is outside the town hall, it is a metal one that you can walk through. I look forward to going in the evening to take a picture from inside so that you can see the lights.

We visited a new coffee shop that has just opened that seems really nice and was friendly (I will write a proper review when we visited next).

I had seen that Southport have 10 nutcracker statues situated around town as a competition and we found some of them (hoping before they go that I find all 10 and I can do a blog just about all of them but below are some found this weekend.

Today the weather hasn’t been the best but we still had a little bit more shopping to get done this weekend so we had an early trip into town. Before we left for town we looked out of the window to see a pheasant.

We managed to get a few more presents sorted. Then we went to see the tree in Wayfarers arcade, I really love visiting here as it brings back so many memories of visiting Southport with my Grandma when I was a child although it has changed so much since then.

It’s back to work tomorrow but I just have 2 more weeks in work before I finish for the Christmas holidays.

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