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Goodbye 2019…

As the end of 2019 draws ever closer it is time to look back on the year we have just had and in particular the 5 and a little months that I have been blogging. I am mainly going to do this through photographs for the Lens Artist Challenge #77 which is favourite photos of 2019. It is lovely looking back to see the fun and adventures that we have had.

In January Mr H and I visited Liverpool Cathedral while waiting for Mr Hs car to have its MOT at the Cathedral was the knife angel, this has to be my favourite photograph in January.

Knife angel

My next favourite photograph is from February is Charlie dog saying hello to some of the ducks in Botanic park in Churchtown. He just loves to walk through the aviary.

Aviary in Botantic Park

March’s photograph was from a trip to Hesketh Park I always love these steps.

My photograph for April is of Franks Bridge in Kirby Stephen. This was taken before meeting up with Mr Hs family.

Franks Bridge

My photograph for May is Mr H and Charlie dog when we visited RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh to take Charlie on a walk and see what wildlife we could see.

RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh

My photograph for June is a moorhen and chicks seen from our caravan window on a wet June day but they seemed to be happy.

Moorhen and chicks

In July we went on a guided walk on Ainsdale beach to the Star of Hope shipwreck this was a fascinating day and Mr H and I learnt a great deal of information from the guide who was extremely knowledgable. We saw the remnants of two shipwrecks and plenty of jellyfish.

Star of hope

When August arrived it was time for our only camping trip of the year. I love this picture as every time I left my sleeping bag Charlie dog decided it was his bed.

Charlie in our tent

September brought us heritage days and although we didn’t do a lot of them this was one of my favourites. The reopening of the Mansion house in Calderstones Park in Liverpool and the relocation of the Calder stones that gave the park and an area in Liverpool its name.

Calder Stones shown prominently in their new home.

In October we went to Martin Mere just outside Burscough it had been a long time since I visited last and it was Mr Hs first time visiting. I love the unusual look of the Muscovy duck pictured below and it was the first time I had ever seen one of them.

Muscovy duck

November brought this fabulous sunset over the caravan. I couldn’t leave it out of my favourites.


December brought lights and these are my favourites. It is a fabulous light show all done to music. This was our second year visiting them and can’t wait for next years.

Light show

My look back on a fabulous 2019 and here’s hoping that 2020 brings even more adventures.

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Adventures in the dunes

As part of our walk 1,000 miles Mr H and I decided to have a little walk along Ainsdale dunes to see if we could see any of the red poll or Berwick sheep that are brought to the dunes from their normal pastures during the winter to graze on the dine vegetation.

Below some of the pictures taken of the scenery as we first made our way onto the dunes.

Although we didn’t see any red poll cattle there was definitely evidence that the had been around.

As we walked further on we did see some of the Herdwick sheep and managed to get a picture of one of them standing on top of one of the dunes.

We also saw plenty of birds although only managed to get a picture of this one although it was quite a way away.

Then I got more pictures of the scenery and even what looked like a Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere, all it needed was some decorations and some lights.

I also got some pictures of some of the plants including a pine tree and what I think is a puffball fungi.

This next picture is of the dunes that I had to come down as this was one of the smaller dunes that I had to choose from.

Below is the All trails screenshots of the mileage and route that we took.

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Two gentle strolls

So today Mr H and I had two gentle strolls one with Charlie dog and then a very short one without Charlie dog.

The first one was at Rufford, we drove over to Rufford Old Hall which belongs to the National trust. The hall wasn’t actually open but it didn’t matter as we were planning on taking Charlie with us we wouldn’t have been able to go in the house but we could use that as a base to start our walk.

We eventually came out of Rufford Old Hall to make our way along part of the Sollom to Burscough Canal as we got on to the canal path there was a sign that Charlie dog made a note of as well as Mr H and me.

As we walked along the canal side there was some farmland with sheep grazing on it.

Once we got to the junction with the road we came off the canal to start our journey back round to the car that we had left in Rufford Old Hall’s car park but before we went back round we had a little look at Rufford Marina where there was a brasserie to get a drink and a bite to eat. Then it was back along to the main road where we had planned on having a drink when we got back to Rufford Old Hall but when we arrived at the courtyard we could only sit outside with having the dog with us and the picnic tables weren’t undercover so they were wet so it was back to the car and we headed back to the caravan so that Charlie dog could have a little rest.

Water pump in Rufford Old Hall’s courtyard

Once Charlie was back at the caravan we went off to Tarleton to grab a bite to eat at the Cock and Bottle.

After lunch we went for a little walk along Tarleton Lock along a small stretch of the canal.

On our way back to the caravan we nipped into The Courtyard which is a fabulous shop that sells a vast selection of items from greeting cards and ornaments to clothes and bedding so that I could have a little look for a something to wear for Mr H’s cousin’s wedding.

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Virtual Charity walk

As I have written on my blog before I often write, send cards or gifts to children through post pals, then on their facebook page I saw that there was a virtual run that 20% of your entry fee would go to post pals. As I am about to do walk 1,000 miles in 2020 I thought that this would be a nice place to start while raising some money for Post pals.

So during the week of 22nd and the 28th December, I have to walk or run 5K. As I am not really a runner the plan is to walk it over the Christmas break. Below is my virtual bib.

So I have finally made it on Saturday which was the final day.

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Walking the dog

Although today is the 4th day of wild Christmas with the wildlife trust it is our 1st as we haven’t been able to any decent walks over Christmas day and boxing day we thought that today Charlie deserved a decent walk to blow off the festive cobwebs. So after an early get up for the weekend and a little rest it was time for Charlie to get his harness on and for Mr H and I to get our walking boots on. We decided to do one of our favourite walks that is not far from the caravan and is actually part of the wildlife trust at Mere Sands Woods.

Mere sands woods is part of the Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside wildlife trust in Rufford surrounded by agricultural land. The site covers 42 hectares with lakes, woodland and grassland. There are 3 routes of different levels of accessibility.

Charlie enjoying the fresh air

Today we decided that we would walk right the way around the parameter to the wood whereas sometimes we will just do half. They are currently doing a lot of work on the visitor centre that is there so one of the paths that we would normally walk along is cut off as we would normally walk around the meadow with sheep in it and walk along past the lake.

There are so many things to see while you are on your walk. So for today’s flower of the day, I spotted this Ivy around the base of one of the trees.

You always find lots of fungi while you are walking around and I do love taking pictures of fungi. Here are some from todays walk.

I have 2 pictures for Xingfumama’s take a seat. The first is a seat cut out of the base of a tree and the second are little toadstools shaped from wood.

Seat cut in tree stump
3 Little toadstools

The signpost is my photograph for Alive and trekking’s which way challenge. Along with the signpost, there are also some photographs of the paths that were taken.

This crooked tree is my photograph for Cee’s black and white photo challenge for this week which is crooked and squiggly lines.

Although you can hardly see him but this robin is my Bird of the day for Granny Shot its photo challenge it took so long to try and get a photograph of one of the robins that we saw as they just kept flying away as soon as my camera was ready.

As Mr H and I have signed up to walk 1,000 miles in 2020 we are actually starting ours now so this walk will be our first lot of miles to count for this. Below are the screenshots from the All trails app to show how have walked.

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Secret crafty camper elfster fun on Christmas Eve

So it has been a busy morning already. Mr H was up at 3.30 to go to work while Charlie and I had a little lie-in. We were up at about 5.30 and ready to go on our early morning walk at about 6.15 which is slightly later than normal but as I was not in work we could go slightly further than our normal early morning walk.

Once I had got Charlie home it was a quick trip over to Tesco to make sure I had something to make Mr H a sandwich for boxing day going into work as there is no canteen on boxing day.

Once I was back home I was able to open up my crafty camper secret elfster present.

Gift ready to open
All gifts together
Pencil case to wrap around a notebook or diary
Triangular scarf
Christmas hanging ornament
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🎄 Not long to go now… 🎄

So we don’t have too long to go now until Christmas day and hopefully I only have a few last-minute things left to buy and then finish off the wrapping.

Mr H has tomorrow in then he is off for Christmas day only but he does have new year off so that will be a for us all.

Just a little short but sweet blog today on Christmas eve eve.

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Five on Friday – Gratitude – 20th December 2019

Today I am doing I live, I love, I crafts five on Friday – gratitude post. The five things I am most grateful for this week are.

Family – I am grateful for Mr H and Charlie for all of the love and support they give me each day.

Crochet – I am grateful for the ability to crochet especially as this week I have made 39 crochet snowflake decorations to go in with my post pals Christmas. It is great as it keeps my mind busy.

Christmas card- although this wasn’t my first Christmas card this year but this one seems to be extra special. I have been writing and sending cards to sick children to help make them smile. Then this week I receive a card from one of the children I had sent a little gift to the other week to thank me for the post I had sent and wish me happy Christmas. This made me smile and definitely brightened up my week after a not so nice day.

Colleagues – I am grateful of the support of my colleagues when times have been busy or at work.

Holidays – i am grateful that today was the last day of term and I will be able to have a restful two weeks holiday over Christmas.

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Busy, busy, busy …

It has been such a busy fortnight in the run up to Christmas that I don’t seem to have had much time for blogging so as I get ready for my last day in work tomorrow I thought I would just write a small blog with some of the things that Mr H, Charlie dog and me have been up.

Most of the time we have been sorting out the last minute Christmas shopping. As well as shopping I have been writing my Christmas cards to send off to the post pals children.

Christmas cards

As well as Christmas cards for all of the pals I have also been assigned a single child that I was to write letters too as Santa’s reindeers. This was fun to do although sometimes quite difficult thinking of things to write.

Reindeer letters

So as well as all of the writing I decided that i wanted to crochet a Christmas snowflake decoration to go in with each of the cards. This took a few days but I managed to get the complete ready to go.

We had a visit from my Nan and Great Aunt who we took out for their dinner. Before we brought them home we visited a house in Southport not to far from the caravan who have a light display in the garden in front of their house in order to raise money for a local animal charity. We went to this for the first time last year and decided to go again this year. The display is co-ordinated to correspond the the music that is playing at the time. This is always a great display.

Other than this it has mainly been work and then home to sort out dinner and then off to bed ready for the next day.

Hopefully after tomorrow I be able to write a little more each day.