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It’s been a while…

It feels so long since I last did a blog this week seems to have been so chaotic that I just didn’t get time to get on and blog. I seem to have spent most of my time making things when not in work. So today’s blog is going to be used towards citysonnets photo a day which today is homemade.

I finally got my picture finished to thank my work colleague for helping me so I wasn’t on my own.

Here is the picture just finished waiting for its frame.

All completed and units frame ready to go to its new home.

Before going onto finish my next cross stitch project for a little change I thought I would have a try at crocheting a Christmas stocking. The colours may not be great and it may not be my best attempt but it was just to try it out ready for Christmas decorations.

My next project is to finish off my Zebra foal ready to go off to Love Quilts UK for the end of the month ready to be made into a quilt.

I am hoping that this won’t take too long as I have another square to get finished before the end of the year.

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