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Look at the birdies 🦆🦢

So today Charlie stayed in the caravan having a little rest while we took a little trip to Martin Mere WWT. We have been past it so many times since we got the caravan and still hadn’t been. I went there a very long time ago when I was a toddler but that was the last time I visited (there is a photograph somewhere from then that I will have to find now to show Mr H).

I have to say that although I love to look at birds I actually get scared when they start to fly (I have always been like this) I do seem to be a bit too cope if they are not flying close to me. We had a great time walking around and looking at all of the birds.

It is really large in size and the amount of birds is vast even at this time of year.

I think that I have a few birds today for Granny shot it’s bird of the day as there were far too many for me to chose just one of them.

Chilean flamingo
Wood duck
Muscovy duck with a puna teal duck in the background
Black-necked swan
Greater flamingo

As well as birds I even managed to take a picture of some common holly for Cee’s flower of the day.

Common Holly

We spent the afternoon at the caravan and we had a couple of trick or treaters as it is Halloween.

Overall today was an enjoyable day. I hope that you have all had a good Halloween.


4 thoughts on “Look at the birdies 🦆🦢

    1. I would definitely recommend going it was fabulous, they have a bird-watching festival in a couple of weeks with lots going on so thinking of going to that. We are thinking of becoming members now and can’t wait to go in the summer to see the difference then. The wood duck was so cute there were a few of them just sitting there but he was so cute under the tree. x


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