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Sculpture on the seat

Today’s blog is looking back at some of the adventures Mr H, Charlie dog and I have had and it also fits in with some photography challenges which caused me to reminisce over some old photographs. So I would like to thank Citysonnet for the October photo a day challenge, also Chasing a memory for the Saturday sculpture challenge and lastly Kate from Xingfumama for her Pull up a seat challenge.

One of our favourite walks with Charlie dog is at Formby pine woods. We love the fact that there is so much variety there from the pine woods with the red to squirrels to the sand dunes and the beach but along with that are flat spaces of grass for Charlie to run on.

There are some specific walks that you can follow you are there one, in particular, is the asparagus trail as a lot of the land was used to grow asparagus one and some land is still used for that today. There is one nice big open space that has woodland to one side and the dunes to the other where there is a section of fallen tree trunk. The tree trunk has been cut so that it can be used as a seat but along with making it into a seat the have also carved the shape of a horse pulling a cart so that it looks like they it is walking along the trunk and possibly a farmer harvesting the asparagus.

There are a few sculptures here so maybe some more will feature in my future blogs.

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