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CBWC: Own pick

This week for Cee’s black and white challenge we are looking at our own pick.

It’s been so long since I have written a blog with so much going on lately. So what is the best thing for me to have as my first blog challenge photograph is Charlie, always there with this little paw just when it is needed.

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Walking the dog

The prompt for weekly prompts Wednesday challenge is “dog walking” so how could I not post our little walk from this morning.

Trying to get Charlie and Fudge to walk together is a challenge as they are still a little unsure about each other but we seem to be getting there slowly.

Short TikTok video from today.


While I was waiting for Charlie and Fudge to have an exploratory sniff I manage to get a picture of these flowers as I just loved the way they looked for Cee’s flower of the day.

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Sunday fun with the fur babies

So today Mr H decided that we would go somewhere different to our usual places with the boys and it is somewhere we have been thinking of going for a little while now.

We had a fairly early start to get to Lytham, which we thought would be fun as it has a beach that we could go on and a lake that we could walk around. As there were a few dogs already on the beach without their leads on we decided that it would probably be best to walk around the lake on this visit, especially with Fudge as he is still very unsure around some dogs.

It was a nice bright day although a little bit windy so we had a gentle stroll around the Lake which was nice as it was our first visit there. We popped into the RSPB to see if we could get anything for the ringneck doves to nest in as they have currently picked a spot at the caravan that isn’t the best spot for building a nest. We didn’t get anything there as we now think that they do not like to nest in a box so we are going to have to find something to help them.

There are more twigs on the floor of the caravans veranda than where the nest is supposed to be

Although we didn’t get anything for the ringneck doves but we did get some woolly hats to help to keep the wind from our ears and they will also be extremely useful for our little camping trip after Easter.

Below are some photographs from our little trip around the lake.

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🧵 Weekend crafting 🧵

Well, it has been a while since I have done any blogs and so I thought I would start myself back off with some photographs of my weekend crafting project.

It was time to try out my new little sewing machine for the caravan that I had bought with money for my birthday last month.

With a project in mind it was time for a little bit of shopping for material. With the project going to be for Mr H the choice of material had to be a nautical theme.

With the sewing nearly completed it was time to see if Mr H could guess what it is.

And it is reversible so Mr H has two options.

It was nice to see Mr H testing out the next morning with his hot bowl of porridge.

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Week off and back to work today

So last week Mr H and me had a weeks holiday and enjoyed a very sunny week in the caravan in Southport with lots of adventures in the surrounding areas.

With a visit to cafe on a local canal marina that I will do a review about soon when I can get some more photographs but just a quick photo for now this one was taken as we were waiting for breakfast.

We got the see the swans at the caravan park they love to sit on the grass of the caravan opposite ours. At the moment they have seven cygnets. Here is a picture of the proud parents I think that the chicks are just in the long grass by the water, hopefully I will get a picture of hem with the cygnets soon.

There were also lots of visits to local farm shops as I think that it is good to support local business and you cannot beat fresh vegetables and home reared meat from local farms.

Then we had a visit from my nan as we had to take her to hospital on Friday so she spent a few days with us before. I had a little bit of help from Charlie dog to make the bed for her, not sure how much help he was though.

We took Charlie for a walk along his favourite RSPB reserve and he was just a little fascinated with the sheep in the field.

Then we finished off the week on Sunday at a local makers market in the town centre. There were lots of stalls all with some lovely items, but I couldn’t resist some fudge as this is one of my favourite treats.

Today it has been back to work and what a surprise we got into the seagulls that have been nested on the roof of the building opposite us now have chicks. It was fabulous watching the chicks growing last year while we were on lockdown but this time we will get to see them everyday (you can only just see them on this picture).