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October Photo a day – Panoramic

For today’s photo a day for City Sonnets monthly challenge I have been able to look back at my old photographs to find a panorama photograph.

When I found this one it was taken on a recent day trip to Kirkby Stephen. After a day with Mr H’s family, we started the journey back home. On our way home we all meet up for a coffee at Killington Lake service station on the M6. It was such a peaceful day and when I saw Killington Reservoir it was so flat that it was an ideal opportunity to take a photograph so I decided to take the picture with panoramic function on my phone.

There are so many times that I really love the effect of a panoramic photograph.

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Pine trees

Today my picture is for two challenges the first one is Color your world from Tourmaline blog and Flower of the day from Cees photography.

This picture was taken at Formby pine woods when we took Charlie dog on one of his many walks in the woods. I really do love taking close up pictures of trees and flowers, I love to see the detail.

We visit there a lot as there is the woods that Charlie loves walking around and we get to watch the squirrels. Then there are the sand dunes and the beach which are great to walk along, Charlie really loves the sand although he never gets to close to the sea as he really does not like the water.

Charlie after his walk on the beach and getting ready for his walk through the woods.

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Trip to Liverpool Cathedral.

This is my first entry for Norm’s Thursday Doors and also Mind over memory Saturday Sculpture I am reminiscing about a trip that happened at the start of this year. Although I am a day late for one they had to be together as they were on the same trip.

This photograph was taken at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on January 2019. We had just put Mr H’s car into the garage for its yearly service and while we were waiting we thought we would spend the day being tourists in our own city. We love doing this as there are so many things that you don’t visit or forget about when you are in your own city.

As we were not too far from the cathedral we thought that we would go and visit as the knife angel sculpture was outside the cathedral. This was a stunning sculpture made up of confiscated knives in order to highlight knife crime.

Below are some pictures of the knife Angel and they certainly don’t do her justice as to how overwhelming she was in person.

Photo a day and Colours & letter

October Photo a day and colours and letters – 11th October

So today City Sonnets photo a day challenge for today is something fun and the colours and letters challenge for today is something that is Red Orange so these picture tI feel work for both of these.

On Mr H and my journey to the caravan in Southport, I saw these bales of hay that had been coloured orange and given faces in order to make them look like pumpkins. I just found these so much fun that I just had to take a photograph.

Would these make you want to go and pick your own pumpkins?

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Wearing yellow

So today is World Mental Health day and as I work in a school we are all trying to wear something yellow today in order to raise funds and awareness for young people’s mental health.

Some of the posters that we have around school

Below are some statistics from Young Minds who are fighting for a future where young minds are supported

Mental health is a big issue for young people…

  • 1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom.
  • 1 in 6 young people aged 16-24 has symptoms of a common mental disorder such as depression or an anxiety disorder.
  • Half of all mental health problems manifest by the age of 14, with 75% by age 24.
  • In 2017, suicide was the most common cause of death for both boys (16.2% of all deaths) and girls (13.3%) aged between 5 and 19.
  • Nearly half of 17-19 year olds with a diagnosable mental health disorder has self-harmed or attempted suicide at some point, rising to 52.7% for young women.

It has a big impact in adulthood…

  • 1 in 3 adult mental health conditions relate directly to adverse childhood experiences.
  • Adults who experienced four or more adversities in their childhood are four times more likely to have low levels of mental well being and life satisfaction.

I have taken a well being bingo from the Young minds website, why not see how many of the actions you have done this week.

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Are you Square? – 9th October 2019

Lines & Squares

This is my second picture in October for Becky’s square challenge. Thank you to The life of B for the October Are you square? challenge.

This picture is the pavement this morning while I was on my way to the post box to post my birthday cards for the kids from the Post Pals charity that have birthdays coming up and some postcards to other pals. As it is world post day today it seems fitting that this is today’s post.

I love the difference of patterns the lines and squares make within such a small area. Luckily enough the front of the post box is where the larger paving slabs are so I was able to avoid the bears while posting my letters.

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October photo a day – 7th October – Pets

Thank you to city sonnets for hosting the October photo a day This is my first attempt at this challenge so I thought I would start with 7th October as it is ‘Pets’.

For the majority of my life, there have been animals of one type or another. At the moment we have a shitzu called Charlie who is definitely a character, he is our little scruff bag as he hates being brushed all the time. But he is so gentle and loving.

But in the past as a child, we have had so many different pets. We had dogs, cat, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils. I don’t have pictures of them all but here are a few that I do have.

I have certainly loved looking back at some of our photographs mainly from when we were kids to find pictures of old pets.